Miami Woman Fails When Trying To Recreate Bianca Jagger Riding A Horse Into Studio 54 Moment

Officer Justin PerryAP Images

“A woman on a horse rides into a bar” is the way a joke might start, but this was a real event and not a joke at Mokai Lounge in Miami, and now the bar no longer has a business license — and the owners are facing charges of animal cruelty for having a horse in a club.

A Woman In A Bikini Tried To Ride A Horse Onto The Dance Floor Of Miami Beach Club Mokai Lounge

The woman riding the white horse into the bar was dressed only in a bikini and perhaps was inspired by the photos of Bianca Jagger at Studio 54 back in the seventies. But according to T&C, the photos of Bianca Jagger on horseback at Studio 54 didn’t tell the whole story. Jagger explains that sitting on a horse in a disco is one thing, but riding one into a club in the city is another.

“It was a beautiful white horse that reminded me of mine, and I made the foolish decision to get on it for a few minutes. No doubt you will agree with me that it is one thing to, on the spur of the moment, to get on a horse in a nightclub, but it is quite another to ride in on one.”

It certainly makes sense to anyone who knows horses that farm animals and crowded indoor spaces with loud music don’t often mix, and a rider in Miami found this out the hard way.


So when a woman mounted a horse bareback (no saddle) and rode it into a crowded Miami club, Mokai Lounge, and got thrown rather quickly into the crowd, nobody was too surprised, said the Miami Herald. Madeleine Marr, a reporter for the Herald says even though the video is short, it shows a scared animal in bizarre circumstances.

Patrons Of Mokai Lounge Were Shocked To See A Horse Enter The Club

“A video of the incident — which starts out with a bikini-clad woman riding bareback on a white horse through the crowded venue — has been making the rounds like wildfire. The animal is surrounded by clubgoers and suddenly drops to the ground and then bucks, throwing the woman off. People gasp and scream, and the horse looks terrified, attempting to bite someone. Then the video stops.”

People who had previously been enjoying their evening out in Miami at Mokai Lounge were shocked to see events with the horse unfold, and commented concern for the horse on the club’s social media page.

“Last night a horse was brought into this club and used as entertainment. I was happy to see the horse kicking the party goers. How disgusting. A nightclub is NOT a place for animals!”

The Miami Beach Police released a statement on their official Twitter page to let patrons and concerned citizens know that they are aware of the events of Thursday night when a horse was being ridden inside Mokai Lounge.

“Last night MBPD was made aware of this incident at Mokai. We are very concerned over the allegations. As such, we have launched a joint investigation with @MiamiBeachNews Code Enforcement.”


Mokai Lounge Has Now Had Their Business License Revoked For Having A Horse In The Bar

Newser confirmed that Mokai Lounge has now lost its license after the bikini-clad woman rode a horse onto the dance floor on Thursday night. Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales announced that he had revoked the business license for Mokai Lounge soon after viewing the video of the woman riding a horse bareback into the crowded club.

Morales says that luckily, no humans or animals were injured in the event that was caught the video which went viral. The horse was scared but unhurt after the events of Thursday night. The owners of Mokai Lounge can appeal the revocation to the Miami Beach special master, but so far, there has been no comment from the businesses owners.