March 12, 2018
The Criminal Complaint Terry Crews Filed Against Adam Venit Has Been Tossed By The LA County District Attorney

Following the filing of criminal charges stemming from the incident where talent agent Adam Venit allegedly groped Terry Crews, the investigation into the matter has finally led to a decision. The Los Angeles County district attorney's office announced that they have decided not to pursue the case. They have determined that Venit's behavior did not rise to the level of a felony and that too much time has passed to pursue lesser charges.

The Associated Press reported that the William Morris Endeavor (WME) agent grabbed Crews twice in his groin area. But apparently, there are degrees to what is considered offensive and what is outright criminal. In order for the DA to move forward with prosecution, Venit would have had to make "contact with his skin" and physically restrained Crews in the process.

Because the incident took place in February 2016, consideration of a misdemeanor charge is no longer a possibility. The statute of limitations expired a year after the assault was said to have taken place and Crews didn't file his complaint until November 2017.

But the former WME client isn't giving up. When Crews filed his grievance with the Los Angeles Police Department, he told TMZ that he was "going all the way" to ensure that Venit and WME were held accountable.

Terry and Rebecca Crews at 2018 Writers Guild Awards L.A. Ceremony

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has received as much resistance as support since he went public with his claims. Crews shared evidence of push-back on Twitter from WME's co-Chief Executive Officer Ari Emanuel as well as an email from Def Jam founder Russell Simmons asking Crews to forgive Venit and let it go. Ironically, Simmons is now facing multiple counts of sexual assault with alleged incidents dating back as far as the 1990s.

Crews has already filed a civil lawsuit against Venit, Emanuel, and WME, whom he says have conspired to thwart his case and damage his career. Court documents assert that after the response to his #MeToo story about the Venit incident on Twitter, Crews had no choice but to stand up for himself and "all victims of sexual predators." He is bound and determined to speak truth to power and make sure that both the predators and their protectors are punished.