Stormy Daniels’ $1 Million Fee For Talk Of Alleged Trump Affair: 10 Folks Offered To Pay It, Says Her Lawyer

Joe RaedleGetty Images

Stormy Daniels has had a number of offers to pay her $1 million penalty for talking about her alleged affair with Donald Trump, according to the Hill. Michael Avenatti, lawyer for Daniels — whose real name is Stephanie Clifford — told Michael Smerconish of CNN that the $1 million penalty would not, in his opinion, be enforced by any court in California, for each time that Stormy “speaks in violation of the confidentiality.”

Avenatti also noted that 10 people have already made offers to pay Daniels’ $1 million penalty for breaking a non-disclosure agreement. Michael claimed that “at least 10 individuals in the last three days alone” have made offers to pay the $1 million fee, although the attorney also noted that Stormy is not taking the offers into consideration at this time.

Avenatti called the assertion that the president had no idea of any $130,000 payment made by Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen to Stormy “absolutely laughable,” according to the Hill. Trump has denied Daniels’ claims of an adulterous affair with him in 2006 when he was married to Melania Trump and Barron was a baby.

Meanwhile, New York Times journalist Charles M. Blow — who is currently going viral for an opinion piece titled “Melania Knew” — published the following tweet asking a billionaire to pay Stormy’s $1 million penalty.

Other Twitter users have urged Stormy to set up a GoFundMe website page in order to raise $1 million through crowdfunding — not necessarily to fund her legal penalties but to leak at least one photo instead.


As reported by Mediaite, Daniels’ lawyer was asked by Smerconish if one of the individuals who has made the $1 million offer to Stormy was Larry Flynt. However, Avenatti responded that he did not have knowledge of whether the publisher represented one of the people offering Daniels $1 million to cover her potential legal penalties for leaking information about her alleged adulterous affair with Trump.

As reported by the New York Daily News, Stormy signed a so-called “hush agreement” that stopped her from making any contact with Melania or any other members of Trump’s family. If Stormy breaks the agreement, she would be subject to paying a $1 million fine. Those who want Stormy to speak freely about her alleged affair with Trump are offering to pony up the $1 million penalty.