Anti-Gun Journalists Say No To Gun Free Zone Signs

When offered the opportunity to place a “Gun Free Zone” sign in their yard, a host of anti-gun journalists and politicians passed on the opportunity. Project Veritas undercover journalists posed as members of a fictional Citizens Against Senseless Violence group. The journalists then visited MSNBC, Star Ledger, and The Journal News staffers.

Project Veritas undercover journalists encountered armed guards and armed police officers when going to see the targets of their investigation, the Canada Free Press notes. Although many voiced their support of gun bans and tight gun control measures, none were apparently willing to post a “Gun Free Zone” sing in their front yard.

Bob Braun, a columnist for the Star Ledger was shown on camera telling the faux Citizens Against Senseless Violence group that he agreed with them, but he thought it might be an invitation for someone with a gun to come to his home if he placed such a sign in his yard. Braun also stated this during the exchange:

“If it just said Citizens Against Senseless Violence, without ‘This Home is Proudly Gun Free,’ I would put the sign up.”

Braun also notes at the end of the clip that his most progressive friends thinks he is a fool for writing a column about gun control because when the right wing takes over the government guns there won’t be any guns to use to fight back.

Toure, of MSNBC fame, had this to say when asked to put a Gun Free Zone sign on his door or the door of his building:

“I agree with you in terms of gun control. No, no, no, no, no, I’m not a gun owner. Uhm, I mean, Uh, I mean, you know, I mean, I mean uh, you know that I’d have to talk to my neighbors. I don’t, you know, I honestly don’t know if they, what they feel on this issue.”

The Project Veritas team also went to a home of a private citizen who appeared to be a proud gun owner. The man’s address was mistakenly printed online as that of the editor of the Star Ledger.