‘American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe Helps ‘NCIS’ In Solving 16-Year-Old Cold Case In Season 15 Spoiler

Jason DavisGetty Images

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe will be guest starring on the March 13 episode of NCIS. Wolfe is featured in the NCIS episode appropriately titled “One Man’s Trash.” The infamous picker is going to be solo, without his sidekick Frank Fritz, as he helps out the NCIS team with information that could ultimately solve a cold case.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Ducky (David McCallum) see Wolfe on his popular History Channel show handling a 200-year-old war stick that he “picked” while traveling around the country, as he regularly does on American Pickers.

The object, which looks like an inflated metal baseball bat with bumps all over it, is believed to be the murder weapon in a 16-year-old NCIS cold case.

They meet up with Wolfe, who the New York Times called “the Jack Kerouac of junk,” to help them solve this case.

By the looks of Wolfe’s Instagram photo, he is featured in at least one scene with Gibbs and Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), along with the “mantique” that could solve the cold case.

“The tables turned and I got picked! Had a great time and can’t wait for you guys check out the @ncis_cbs episode Tuesday, March 13th! Details in bio @americanpickers@entertainmentweekly#ncis”

While the merging of the worlds of American Pickers and the police procedural show NCIS seems fairly unusual, ultimately, the unlikely match is sure to produce a very entertaining story.

Fans of American Pickers enjoy watching childhood friends Mike and Frank “freestyling” across the country.

The pair, that often likens themselves to Laurel and Hardy, not only physically dig into some crowded and precarious spaces in basements, barns, and storage rooms looking for “rusty gold,” but the pair also uncovers some fantastic stories with a heaping of American history and storytelling.

The tales are often of hobos and bits of history long forgotten. It would not be hard to imagine that one of the objects that the pair found could be used in a murder!

There is no indication if the NCIS episode will end up in Iowa or Nashville to either of the Antique Archeology shops or if Frank or Danielle will appear on one of the most popular shows on television.

Perhaps Mike will relay the story of the war stick, and even do some crafty bartering with the usually silent Gibbs? Fans of both shows will surely be entertained!

As for Mike Wolfe, he has certainly been busy doing some new and interesting things since American Pickers took off nearly eight years ago.

The Iowa native told Hoss Magazine that they always want to challenge themselves. He explains that he wants to find more unusual items to buy. He enjoys it when people come into the shop and see what he does with items that do not look usable when he first buys them.

Because of his fame from the show, Mike is not seen at the shop terribly often, but instead, he remains on the road half of the year with Frank, finding new and usual items and collecting stories of how the owners came upon the unique pieces of Americana.

NCIS has recently had a revolving cornucopia of guest appearances besides Mike Wolfe, which has revived the show since Michael Weatherly left NCIS for Bull.

Susan Blakely and even comedian-game show host Drew Carey, who also happened to be a former marine, are just two of the guest stars this season. This has added more interesting storytelling to the CBS show and has kept the long-running series fresh even after 15 seasons.