‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8, Episode 12: Simon Attacks Hilltop, Maggie’s Leadership In Trouble In ‘The Key’

The second half of The Walking Dead Season 8 is certainly amping up the shock factor following the depressing death of Carl Grimes. After just one episode since fans said goodbye to Chandler Riggs’ character, there has been a massacre that led to reanimated corpses being turned into pulp. Unfortunately, the AMC series has no plans of stopping there, especially if Simon is involved.

Steven Ogg’s Savior has already proven that he is one of the more despicable characters in The Walking Dead. His first appearance in the Season 6 finale “Last Day on Earth” made it clear that Simon has no problem killing people under Negan’s orders. But will Simon actually use a terrible new tactic to get back at Hilltop for taking in the surviving Alexandrians in The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 12?

The following contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 11. Proceed with caution.

“Dead or Alive Or” concluded with Negan finally recapturing Father Gabriel and sending him to Eugene’s outpost to help in making more bullets despite the former priest’s deteriorating condition. The villain then called on a few Saviors to demonstrate a gruesome new plan: cover all weapons in walker guts and use them to infect any survivors. There is little doubt that the terrifying tactic will be shown in its full glory in The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 12.

Negan with Lucille in The Walking Dead Season 8

The teaser for “The Key” features Simon repeating the orders to his soldiers and adding a truly horrific twist: They will only wound a few, possibly leaving them to reanimate and devour their still-living companions. But who are Simon’s unfortunate targets in The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 12?

The promo may have revealed that the Saviors will be using their infected weapons on the members of Hilltop, who are also struggling with their own problems. Maggie is set to encounter some trouble with her position as the leader of the community, and Gregory might try to make a move to reclaim his former title in The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 12. In addition to that, Hilltop will also need to protect the Alexandrians who have joined them recently.

Rick Grimes and Maggie Rhee in 'The Walking Dead' Season 8

Will Simon manage to teach Hilltop a repulsive new lesson in “The Key”? The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 12 will air on AMC on March 18.