Get A First Look At The ‘Westworld’ Mobile Game

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Warner Bros. lifted the veil over the Westworld mobile game today as part of the HBO series’ SXSW fanfare. Behaviour Interactive is developing the WB Games San Francisco production with the creative collaborative input of Kilter Films. While a firm release date has yet to be announced, players can expect the game on both iOS and Android devices before the end of the year.

WB Games explains in their announcement that mobile app players take on the part of a Delos new hire learning the ropes with help from the Delos Park Training Simulation. Through this simulator, the player is in charge of how the Westworld park is run. Daily game activities are described as manufacturing artificially intelligent hosts, keeping up with their maintenance, and ensuring all theme park guests are happy.

Jonathan Knight, Vice President and Studio Head at WB Games San Francisco, explains the vision behind the mobile game.

“This game is an opportunity to give mobile gamers a fresh and exciting way to interact with the engrossing themes and enigmatic narrative explored by the Westworld series. We can’t wait for fans to get their hands on the game to develop their own unique strategy to orchestrate and explore the perfect park experience.”

If that sounds like fun, interested players are encouraged to pre-register at the official game website to unlock rewards that will be gifted to players who download the game at launch. The bonuses available through the social campaign are unlocked in tiers based on the number of people who’ve pre-registered. The first tier unlocks at 250,000 registrants and grants early access to Lawrence, a Westworld host fans will recognize from the show. At 500,000 pre-registrations, a coins and gems pack becomes unlocked. A “Basic Host Code Pack” becomes available if 750,000 people sign on, and if a million people pre-register, the developer is gifting players with a “Crafting Pack.”

Westworld mobile game
Players can craft and control Westworld in the upcoming mobile game.Featured image credit: WBIE

In promoting the new mobile game, the marketing team has put together a fun website called wherein Delos is “recruiting” talented visionaries. See the full Delos recruitment video (teaser trailer) below.