Bradley Cooper Producing And Starring In WB’s Espionage Film ‘Dark Invasion’

Looks like recent Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper is making important moves to establish himself as a brand. Cooper, although he has The Hangover sequel coming out in a few months, has decided to stray from that genre as much as he can to flex his image and chops as an actor.

The news on the street today is that Cooper just inked a deal with WB to both star and produce in a spy thriller. Those who know Bradley from back in the day will remember his days as Sydney Bristow’s nice guy friend on ABC’s espionage show Alias. However, since then he hasn’t returned back to that genre; until now that is.

The Silver Linings Playbook Oscar nominee will produce through his company 22nd & Indiana. The film, which is titled Dark Invasion is said to take cues from a Howard Blum book that will be published later in the fall. According to The Film Stage here’s a brief synopsis on Dark Invasion:

“The lead role requires him to fill the shoes of Tom Tunney, an NYPD captain compiling members to combat the presence of German spies hoping to prevent the U.S. from assisting Allied efforts in World War I. (Their activities would see them “[spy on] bomb factories, sabotage ships, shoot J.P. Morgan, Jr. (a financier of the Allies), bomb the U.S. Capitol Building, and set-up an anthrax lab six miles from the White House.”)”

So far there hasn’t been information released about who will be co-starring but since this is the third film that Bradley Cooper has decided to produce, it already seems promising. The other two films of his that were produced by his 22nd & Indiana banner were Limitless and Silver Linings Playbook.

Will you go to the theaters to check out this espionage thriller? Are you a fan of Bradley Cooper?