‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Mysterious Figure Follows Chloe Back To Salem

Larry FrenchGetty Images for Corday Productions

Days Of Our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead reveal another suspenseful plot. Nadia Bjorlin returned from maternity leave with an intriguing storyline. Looking forward to reuniting with Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo,) someone is in the shadows. A mysterious figure secretly follows Chloe Lane as she travels back home.

Chloe Lane’s Exit Storyline

Late in Nadia Bjorlin’s second pregnancy, the actress went on maternity leave. She had only recently come back, so writers were left with the dilemma of what to do with her character. An exciting opportunity in the city was chosen. They also added a romantic twist with Lucas Horton. According to DOOL spoilers from She Knows, romance and suspense are in the cards for Chloe.

When Does Nadia Bjorlin Return To ‘Days Of Our Lives’?

Days Of Our Lives spoilers have been vague regarding Chloe. However, a few details are finally being released. Viewers will see her reappear in Salem on March 20.

Lucas & Chloe Give Romance A Second Chance

She will arrive back in Salem and happily reunite with Lucas. As fans recall, he struggled with an alcohol relapse. Finally, he went to treatment and got sober. Upon leaving rehab, one of his first goals was to ask Chloe to give love another chance.

Years ago, Lucas and Chloe were married, but it only lasted a short time. Despite the troubling circumstances that tore them apart, some fans want the two back together. Others commented in the My Hourglass forums that the relationship is doomed.

Is The Follower A Friend Or Foe?

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Chloe is completely unaware that someone is following her. The mysterious stranger follows her back to Salem. It will be interesting to find out who this person is and their interest in Chloe.

It could be someone from the past. The singer spent a lot of time in different locations. It is possible this individual is from Chloe’s past. In fact, this is how Deimos Kiriakis (formerly Vincent Irizarry) was introduced.

Another DOOL theory is that it could be a stalker. Even though she co-owns a club with Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes,) her main career is as an opera singer. Even though her genre has a limited fan base, and she isn’t rich, she does have those that follow her music. Among these could be one who doesn’t have innocent intentions.

Keep watching Days Of Our Lives to find out the identity and reason Chloe Lane is being followed.