[VIDEO] Worship the Lord while playing videogames [UPDATE]

[UPDATE: Aaand suspicions about fakery are confirmed: Joystiq has exposed this as an amusing spot of viral marketing for EA’s Dante’s Inferno.]

Game developer Prayer Works Interactive just released a press release and debut trailer for Mass: We Pray, a new religion-themed minigame collection that will ship with motion-sensing crucifix-shaped controllers and pressure-sensitive kneeling pads. Holy crap. Literally.

The 24 minigames that will come on the disc include Holy Water sprinkling, conducting the choir, and lighting prayer candles.

It’s designed to ensure that “a family won’t have to wait until Sunday to worship the Lord,” and preorders for the title are available from November 20, some months ahead of its Easter 2010 release date.

If you hadn’t already guessed, Mass: We Pray is almost certainly a fake, but a rather good one all the same. As well as the WASP-filled trailer you see below (which boasts respectable production values), there’s a whole site, complete with image gallery.

Well, it made me chuckle. Bravo, mystery creator!

[MassWePray.com, via Destructoid]