Trump’s ‘Mind-Blowing’ Deeds And Predictions Of Their Ripple Effect Emerge On ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’

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Donald Trump has been at the helm of the nation for a little more than a year and Fox & Friends Weekend’s live broadcast on Sunday morning offered some “mind-blowing” results coming out of the last year. They have also offered up some predictions of a ripple effect of his actions and deeds as the 45th president of the United States. Pete Hegseth, Rachel Campos-Duffy, and Ed Henry hosted the Fox & Friends Weekend Sunday morning show this week and Charles Payne, who is another Fox News personality, joined them for a segment on Trump.

Starting with jobs, Payne pointed out that the “dirty fingernail jobs,” which is his nickname for “goods-producing jobs” have exploded in numbers, such as mining, construction, and, manufacturing, which Campos-Duffy called the jobs of the forgotten Americans that Trump promised to help. This is “historic and mindblowing,” said Campos-Duffy. Payne said, “I do despise the media” for not sharing this good news, which is encouraging news for the citizens of this country.

Payne suggested that Americans need to believe Trump’s vision is going to work and if the media would only share these milestones it would give all Americans hope. But that is not happening, and as Campos-Duffy suggests, the media is more focused on “Russia” than the opportunities now available to Americans today. “We have come out of the survival mode economically and back into the growth mode that made America the best country in the world,” suggests Payne.

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Trump’s work within the last year has laid down the foundation for the way things once were in America, suggests Payne. The economy has recuperated from its years of illness, and this brings ripple effects. Payne is predicting “greater household formation, people are going to get married, and they’re going to have kids,” as the economy will now support that American Dream. You can see Payne’s interview in the video below of Fox & Friends Weekend today. It starts around the 23:28 time stamp.

This will allow more young people to become entrepreneurs and make way for more new businesses to start up. Payne said that you are going to see things that were once “commonplace in this country” coming back. “Make America Great Again” will now morph into “Keep America Great,” which is Trump’s campaign motto for the 2020 campaign, reported CNN.

Nigel Farage, who is a Fox News contributor stationed across the pond, talked about Trump putting the EU on notice over trade. Campos-Duffy said how people in Europe want someone like Trump to take the same type of actions for their country. Farage said that Trump is now known for doing what he said he was going to do and no matter how many accomplishments he has under his belt as president, the media is relentless about remaining negative when it comes to Trump.

Nigel, who hails from England, told the curvy couch hosts that the people in his country and across Europe are “getting used to Trump” and they “now realize this is a guy of real substance.” You can see the clip of that interview in the video below. It starts at time stamp 22:39.

Nigel said the same newspapers and media outlets slamming Donald Trump today did pretty much the same thing to Ronald Reagan during his time in office. They called Reagan an “idiot,” and they said how “he wasn’t fit to be U.S. president.” Despite Star Wars, America winning the Cold War and the Berlin Wall coming down, still, those same media outlets would not credit Reagan. Nigel said it is the same way for Trump today. If the President were to “find a cure for the common cold, they would still find a reason to criticize him.”