Florida Teacher Arrested After Attacking Another Parent At Baseball Match

Clay County Sheriff's Office

Who wears short-shorts?

No, we’re not talking about that song that came out way back in the day — in 1958, to be precise, released by New Jersey rock group The Royal Teens. Rather, this whole business centers around a rather mundane Little League practice in Jacksonville, Florida, that should have been an ordinary day at the park for the young players and all the parents in attendance.

Except, that is, for one attendee. Specifically, a teacher by the name of Terry Lee Coursey, who allegedly took exception to what one of the parents was wearing at the practice.

Was it an offensive t-shirt bearing some kind of provocative slogan? No. Or perhaps a rival sporting team’s jersey — after all, we’ve heard stories of people fighting because someone dares to wear the wrong kit to the wrong game. Oh, no.

Nor was it a violation of any kind of “dress policy” — if any — that has been instituted by the governing body of the children’s youth baseball organization.

Rather, Coursey, a 37-year-old teacher at Clay High School in Green Cove Springs was apparently “offended” because another mother was wearing short-shorts to the practice and decided to assert her opinion on it.

Naturally, many people would take exception to anyone criticizing their outfit, especially in a situation where there is no rule dictation what a parent can wear and can’t wear, and as such, the victim responded in kind.

But, as with any highly-charged situation that isn’t defused quickly, words quickly turned into blows, and on February 23, Coursey took things one step too far at the Orange Park Athletic Association.

Coursey hails from Mesquite, Texas
Coursey, a 37-year-old teacher, was arrested following an assault on February 23Featured image credit: Facebook

As per News4Jax, during the attack, which occurred around 7 p.m., Coursey repeatedly punched the other mother in the face before wrestling her to the ground, which resulted in the victim suffering multiple cuts, bruises, and abrasions on her forearms, shoulder, chest area, and wrist.

Coursey, who originally hails from Mesquite, Texas, was subsequently arrested and charged with first-degree simple battery, a misdemeanor charge to which she plead not guilty, as per online court records. As a result, she was suspended by Clay High School pending the investigation and is expected to be arraigned in court on Monday, March 12.