‘Sister Wives’ To Air Maddie Brown’s Intense Home Birth In New Episode

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The new episode of Sister Wives is a special one, as it will finally take viewers back to when the Brown family welcomed its first grandchild. In the episode, Maddie, Kody Brown’s daughter with second wife Janelle, is now ready to give birth to her first baby. As she begins to have regular contractions and show signs of labor, her huge family steps in to show their love and support.

Maddie chose to have a home birth and allowed the Sister Wives crew to film her delivery. As seen in the teaser released by TLC, the 22-year-old first-time mom’s labor was long, painful, and truly intense!

“This labor isn’t like anything I’ve seen before,” Janelle Brown says in the clip.

Maddie’s cries of pain can be heard in the teaser as she is seen getting in the bathtub. Kody Brown begins to doubt whether his daughter made the right decision to have a home birth.

“I’m all of a sudden strapped with how dangerous this actually is,” the polygamous patriarch says.

According to Hollywood Life’s sneak peek of the new episode, Maddie’s labor actually lasted for days. Thankfully, she had more than one mother to turn to. Kody’s third wife Christine joined Maddie’s biological mom Janelle in helping Maddie throughout the agonizing ordeal.

“She looks tired and exhausted. She says she’s okay because she’s just trying to hold on. This is a hard stage to be in.” Christine says as Maddie sits in the bathtub.

Meanwhile, Janelle can only speak of good things about her sister wife. She says that Maddie has always been close to Christine ever since she was a little girl. Even in this momentous event, Sister Wives manages to showcase how polygamy works in real life.

“I have never really ever thought twice about the relationship Maddie has with Christine,” Janelle says.

“When the kids were little, I worked a lot of hours, and Christine was kind of the one to hold it together at home. Like, really, in a lot of ways, Christine was that person who created their life around when I was gone. My children all have a very strong bond to Christine.”

Maddie Brown gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Axel Brown Brush, on May 20 last year. Baby Axel is her first child with husband Caleb Brush. According to People, Maddie’s labor lasted for a total of 72 hours, including 12 hours of intense labor and four hours of actual pushing.

Meanwhile, the new episode will also feature the continuing tension between Kody and his first wife, Meri. According to the synopsis, Kody and Meri are going to see the bed and breakfast Meri wants to buy in Utah. While driving, the couple is bound to encounter another conflict. Read a part of the synopsis below, as obtained by Hollywood Life.

“While they wait for [Maddie’s delivery], Kody agrees to go with Meri to see the bed & breakfast that Meri wants to buy in Utah. Meri is so hopeful that Kody will like it, but Kody has a classic Kody response that is a total shock to everyone. Soon after they get back, Maddie starts having regular contractions and they call the midwife.”

Sister Wives airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. on TLC. Watch the upcoming episode’s teaser below.