‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Mon. March 12: Shocking Promo – Valentin Confused When Anna Confronts Him [Video]

Angela Weiss / David BuchanGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, March 12, reveal that Anna (Finola Hughes) has returned from her trip to Brussels and she is furious. According to Soap Hub, Anna will confront Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) about lying to her about the sex of her baby. GH viewers will remember that Valentin and Anna were at spy school together. It was during this time that Valentin contends that Anna left for Brussels to have a baby in secret. Recaps on She Knows Soaps state that Valentin told Anna that she had a baby girl. Anna was relieved that she had given birth to a girl, and not a boy, because she knows that Faison (Anders Hover) had a son and that he was neglected by his father. If her child was a girl, then she missed that misfortune.

However, the General Hospital spoilers promo video indicates that Anna will pitch up at a restaurant where Valentin is apparently waiting for someone. He tries to shoo her off, but she has her piece to say. General Hospital spoilers state that Anna will tell Valentin that she has returned from Brussels and that unfortunately, the midwife who helped her deliver the baby passed away a year ago. However, the midwife’s daughter was able to refer to her mother’s notes and pass on invaluable information to Anna.


The detailed records stated that Anna was under the care of the midwife under her chosen alias, that she gave birth on June 13, showed the baby’s footprints, and that Anna’s infant was a boy “un petit garcon.” According to the latest General Hospital spoilers for Monday, March 12, Anna will be livid that Valentin lied to her. However, Valentin looks genuinely confused and defends himself.


“Because I know what I saw. At least I think I know what I think I saw.”

GH writers have opened this story wide open now. It seems as if Valentin genuinely saw a girl. However, in the original recap from She Knows Soaps, he does state that he originally thought the child belonged to Alex, and it wasn’t until Anna just confirmed that she had a child in Brussels that he knew for sure that she was the child’s mother. General Hospital spoilers indicate that there are so many possibilities, including the fact that Anna could have given birth to both a girl and a boy, as reported earlier by Inquisitr. General Hospital spoilers tease that it is also now possible that both sisters gave birth to a child that day since Valentin never saw Anna in Brussels.