Galaxy X: Samsung’s Foldable Stunner Tipped To Have Variable, Wraparound Display

David Becker Getty Images

While Samsung is primarily focused on pushing its latest flagship, the Galaxy S9, possible new details about its most ambitious smartphone to date — the Galaxy X — have recently emerged. If recent patents about the exciting new device are any indication, it seems like Samsung has finally decided on a form factor for the elusive smartphone.

As noted in a report from Patently Mobile, Samsung has recently been granted a patent that features the design of a foldout smartphone with a form factor that is incredibly similar to the one the company teased in an ad years ago. Together with the recent patents are a smartphone design absent of any buttons on its surface and a smart bangle, a flexible wearable device.

Particularly interesting in the new patents was a design featuring a device with a foldable, foldout, wraparound display. As noted in a SAM Mobile report, the design, apart from being a dead ringer to the concept shown off by Samsung years ago, also looks like a refined version of the ZTE Axon M, a dual-screen smartphone that looks like two devices stuck together. Unlike ZTE’s device, however, Samsung’s patents show just one, foldable display that could flex and transform with ease.

One thing that was particularly notable in Samsung’s recent patents was the fact that the foldable device teased in the documents featured prominent buttons and a considerable bezel, which is quite ironic considering that the South Korean tech giant also published a patent about a button-less, seemingly bezel-less device. If any, this particular discrepancy seems to indicate that the main draw of the Galaxy X would really be its foldable nature. When it comes to having the thinnest bezels and a button-less frame, Samsung’s more conventional Galaxy S and Note series seem to be the South Korean tech giant’s bet.


As we noted in a previous report here in the Inquisitr, the Galaxy X is likely to be released sometime later this year, following a closed-door presentation of the device earlier this year. The Galaxy X also appears set to utilize a special hinge to enable its transformation from a compact smartphone to a tablet-sized device, suggesting that Samsung is aiming for power and productivity-oriented users with its upcoming smartphone.