‘Little People, Big World’ Ladies Show Love And Support For Future In-Law Izzy Rock

Amy Roloff/Instagram

Isabel “Izzy” Rock continues to receive some nice words from her future in-laws. This time Amy Roloff, the Little People, Big World matriarch, gushed over her future daughter-in-law while she and the rest of the Roloff ladies showed their support for the young woman’s latest endeavor.

Amy took to Instagram to shower Izzy with love and support, In Touch Weekly reported. The 53-year-old grandmother posted a photo of her and Izzy a day ago where the two are making wacky faces and “wearing” round glasses while in a car.

“I love this girl that Jacob asked to marry him,” Amy said. “We have a great time hanging out and talking.”

Amy also expressed how excited and proud she is for Izzy as her future daughter-in-law was a day away from holding her art show at the time.

“Excited to go to her art event at Abbey Creek Winery in North Plains tomorrow,” Amy said. “So proud of her!”

Probably not wanting to be accused of playing favorites, Amy mentioned how she also loves her other daughters-in-law with sons Zach and Jeremy.

“I’m a blessed mom – All my DIL’s are awesome, doing good things in life and they inspire me too.”

“You Rock Isabel,” Amy finally said, an obvious play on Izzy’s name.

The art event was apparently a success as Izzy estimated a few days ago that around 70 people are expected to come. While Izzy has yet to share how the show went, her future sister-in-law already posted a couple of photos from the Abbey Creek Winery.

“So proud of you Izzy,” Tori said. “Another art show in the bag!”

The first photo Tori shared was of her with the star of the show posing in front of some of Izzy’s works. In the second one, they were joined by one of the Roloff family’s closest friends and another sister-in-law in Audrey.

Interestingly, Audrey and Jeremy shared prior to the event that they were going off social media for some time to focus on their upcoming book, as mentioned in another Inquisitr report. They explained that they were ceasing from going online and checking their social media accounts so they would “stop fragmenting [their] brain processes by the constant onslaught of notifications,” as Jeremy put it.

While the couple has sworn off social media for the time being, seeing Audrey on Tori’s post about Izzy’s art show is certainly not a violation of that pact.

Speaking of Izzy, a number of people congratulated the young woman on her art show through Tori’s post. Izzy’s work was even compared with that of famed painter Jackson Pollock. In fact, one follower said that art lovers who are into the abstract style should keep an eye on Izzy Rock.

Izzy and her talent will again be on full display later this month as she has been booked for an art show in Portland. Jacob announced on Instagram last month that Izzy will be part of the ENVISION show to be held in Roseland Theater on March 27. He also said that Izzy was one of 36 visual artists chosen to share their talent in the art show. Those interested to go to see Izzy and her artwork can check Jacob’s Instagram post for details on getting tickets for the show.