Massachusetts Principal Suspended For Making A ‘Terminator’ Spoof Video

Massachusetts principal Erick Naumann was suspended after making a The Terminator spoof video that was shown to students. Naumann and a teacher who helped make the video which was meant to serve as an introduction by the new administrator, were suspended without pay.

The Terminator video shows the Everett High School principal walking through the empty school hallways dressed like the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger character, Fox News notes. During one segment of the video a woman is shown screaming and running away from the principal in the video, the Huffington Post notes.

The video, entitled “The Naumannator” also depicts the playground and classrooms on fire. When principal Erick Naumann was asked during the video why there were not any children in the school, he stated they had been “naumannated.” The Terminator spoof video was created last month. In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy in Newtown, some viewers of the principal’s video spoof reportedly think the short flick was too violent.

Frederick Foresteire, superintendent of the Boston suburb school district, stated that principal Naumann made a poor decision when creating the spoof video, but also noted that the administrator is a good leader.

The Massachusetts principal apologized for “The Naumannator” video and has received support from both students and parents. Some Everett High School students and parents felt there had been an overreaction to the tone used in the spoof video.

Erick Naumann has worked for the Boston area school district for 15 years, but this is his first year serving as a principal. The school administrator apologized for The Terminator spoof video. The two-day suspension without pay came after a closed-door meeting on Monday evening.

On Thursday the suspension ends, so “The Naumannator” will be back – in his office. Do you think there was an overreaction to the spoof video, or was the violent symbolism too much for the classroom?

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