Fans Worry Over Jill Duggar Dillard And Derick Dillard’s Health After Latest Photo

Derick DillardInstagram

Some fans have expressed concern over the health of Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Derick Dillard after they posted a recent Instagram photo before heading out to celebrate Derick’s 29th birthday. A few fans noted that the pair looked incredibly thin, and one even stated that they were worried that they had picked up something from traveling so often. Although most Duggar fans stated that the comment was “hating,” the user defended themselves, saying that those who travel often, like the pair, can pick up “bad sickness.”

This isn’t the first time fans have worried over the health of the pair. Derick Dillard rapidly lost weight while the pair lived in Central America, which had many fans wondering what was going on with him.

Fans have also worried about the health of their sons, Israel and Samuel, and especially chastised Jill Duggar Dillard for allowing them to live there while Zika was rife. This was especially problematic at the time, because Jill was pregnant with their son, Samuel.

Derick has admitted that Samuel did spend some time in the NICU, but his birth was totally hidden from TLC crew, which has also made fans a little bit more suspicious about what could possibly be going on.

While some fans noted that the pair did look incredibly thin, others complimented their style as they went out to celebrate Derick’s birthday, complete with the same chocolate mess that the Duggars seem to have for every single birthday and occasion.

Other fans of the Duggar family spent time defending the way Jill was dressed in the photo. While some took umbrage over the fact that her knees were showing, many defended the mom of two, saying that it isn’t necessary for a Christian to cover up completely.

Derick Dillard has faced serious heat in the past several months, especially after using his platform to talk about how transgender is a myth and purposely calling out fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings. While Jazz has only responded to his comments once, and very vaguely at that, Derick has continued to use his platform to discuss Jazz and how he feels her parents are “using her.”