Farrah Abraham’s Mother Thinks She Should Be Dating Zac Efron, Reports ‘In Touch’

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Farrah Abraham may have been fired from Teen Mom OG and recently broken up with her boyfriend of just over a week, but the reality TV star mom-of-one is ready to move on. Her relationship with Aden Stay may have melted because Farrah believes that he was just using her for her money and fame, but Farrah’s mom, Debra Danielsen, feels she has the answer to her daughter’s love life troubles.

Debra Danielsen sat down with In Touch Weekly and told them that she believed Farrah needed someone more on “her level.” Aden Stay, of course, didn’t match up to Farrah and Debra believes that she should date Zac Efron, as he’s more her type and level of fame. Debra also stated that Zac and Farrah have a similar “vibe,” so they would be able to hit it off better.

According to Debra, Farrah needs someone younger and with more potential. Considering Stay was in his early 40s, Debra doesn’t believe that he was the best choice for Farrah. However, Debra wasn’t a huge fan of Farrah Abraham’s former paramour, Simon Saran, who was much closer to her age, either.

In addition to Zac Efron, Debra also had a myriad of other men she felt would fit her daughter’s “vibe” and lifestyle.

Debra also believes that Kenny Chesney, Jeff Holm, and Jake Gyllenhaal would be great matches for her daughter.

Farrah Abraham recently stated that she had already met someone else since her break-up with Stay, though she has remained coy over who she could have possibly met in such a short amount of time.

The reality TV star was fired from Teen Mom OG and will be replaced by Mackenzie McKee, who appeared on Teen Mom 3. Farrah claims her firing was unfair and has planned to sue MTV and Viacom for letting her go.

Footage from her firing will be played during Monday’s episode of Teen Mom OG, in which Farrah’s producers tell her they can no longer work with her due to her continual appearance in pornography as well as the fact that she became increasingly difficult to work with.