‘Blossom’ And ‘Melissa & Joey’ Star Joey Lawrence And Wife Chandie Yawn-Nelson Have Filed For Bankruptcy

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Joey Lawrence, best known as Joey Russo in Blossom, and Joe Longo in the recent Melissa & Joey, has filed for bankruptcy. Lawrence and his wife Chandie Yawn-Nelson filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection back in July.

Prior to fling, Us Magazine reports that the couple did what they could to obtain money, including selling their clothing, purses, and furniture on eBay and Buffalo Exchange. Unfortunately, it was not enough money, as the couple was taking in too little. At the end of each month, they went further into debt by $18,000.

Back in 2006, Lawrence competed on Dancing With The Stars with his partner, professional dancer Edyta Sliwinska. It was then that he spoke to People about his career and his romantic relationship with his wife, Chandie Yawn-Nelson.

The couple first dated as teens, having memorably gone to Disney World on an “ice cream date.” When the two were near the wedding chapel, Joey recalls telling her, “Maybe we’ll get married there one day!”

The two eventually did, but not until Lawrence “played the field” and got married to Michelle Villa in 2002. The marriage only lasted a few years, and soon Joey and Chandie reunited and eventually married at the magical venue.

Regarding his career, Lawrence said he was still waiting for his big break. He mentioned how George Clooney made “pilot after pilot” before eventually starring in ER. Then, his career soared. Lawrence is still waiting for that sort of dream television pillar that he knows will change his career.

Like most actors, Joey Lawrence has experienced feast or famine. When he was younger, he experienced fame and success on Blossom, and then more recently, on Melissa & Joey. It appears that he may have continued to live in the same manner whether he was collecting a paycheck or not.

According to Us Weekly, Lawrence made $534,000 in 2015, his last year of Melissa & Joey. Then the year later, the couple’s “combined income” was $6,966 a month, significantly less money. Chandi is currently unemployed.

According to the court documents that Us Weekly researched, the family’s monthly expenses include $13,500 for monthly rental payment, $2,400 for food and household supplies, $1,281 for the combination of sewer and water bills.

In addition, the couple had two car leases, one lease for an astounding $2,348, and the other for $498, per month. Their three vehicles, a BMW, a Bentley and a 2015 Ford Ford Flex, have now been repossessed.

The couple’s debts included $132,000 worth of credit card debt, $88,000 with of back taxes, $32,000 in “unpaid loans.” There was no information whether this amount reflects personal loans from friends or a bank loans.

The couple also owed close to $100,000 worth of bank loans and $54,000 in back rent. This added up quickly.

Reportedly, all of their debt has been discharged. As for the bankruptcy, it is “still pending.” The couple have two daughters, Charli, 11, and Liberty, 8-