50 Cent Confirms ‘Power’ Season 5 Release Date, Sixth Season Gets An Early Renewal

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

We knew that Power was set to return in Summer 2018 and now 50 Cent has confirmed the release date for the highly anticipated season.

The rapper and actor announced that Season 5 of Power would premiere on July 1st. Amid speculation that it may be the last season, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson also reveals that the Starz hit series got an early renewal for Season 6.

50 Cent will direct an episode for the first time in the sixth season.

The finale of Season 4 indicates what fans can expect in the fifth season. Power creator Courtney A. Kemp revealed that none of the characters are safe in an interview after the fourth season aired.

Warning, Season 4 spoilers ahead.

Kemp kept her word last season when she stated that two major characters would be killed off. Julio was set up by the power-hungry Dre to be killed for his former gang, and Raina St Patrick was murdered at the hands of a dirty cop Ray Ray.

In the fifth season of Power, Kanan, Tommy, and Ghost have formed an unlikely trio to take on Dre, who has secured a deal with the powerful Jimenez cartel.

In the interview with Deadline, Kemp reveals that Season 5 of Powerpicks up where the fourth season left off. It will begin with Angela Valdez trying to figure out what happened – presumably about the murder of Ray Ray.


The first episode will also explore how Tasha will attempt to keep Tariq out of jail. In the finale of Season 4, Tasha consulted her lawyer and boyfriend about representing her. This indicates that Tasha will attempt to fight the murder charge in Tariq’s place or present a self-defense plea.

Courtney A. Kemp also reveals that the fifth season will explore Tariq living with the consequences of his actions, which included his sister being murdered while trying to protect him.

Tariq also seems to delve further into a world of drugs and crime. It is unclear whether Raina’s death will make him stray away or continue on his path of self-destruction.

50 Cent stated that the release date for Power Season 5 is July 1, 2018. However, this premiere date may change with an official announcement from the Starz network.