Elizabeth Hurley Defends 15-Year-Old Son Taking Her Bikini-Clad Photos Amid Disturbing Backlash

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Elizabeth Hurley’s recent reveal had some of her fans concerned after learning her young teenage son Damian is the person behind the camera taking sexy photos of his mother in various bikinis. There’s no doubt among critics that the 52-year-old Royals actress looks top notch in a bikini. Elizabeth Hurley has certainly posted enough photos of herself frolicking in various bikinis both inside and outside her home to offer proof of this.

According to the Metro, it was during a recent interview when Elizabeth Hurley shared how her son Damian is sometimes the person behind the camera taking her bikini photos. This started a flood of comments online from people who didn’t see this as a proper mother and son activity. Some of the comments were rather cruel, while others were from fans who found Hurley’s sexy photos disturbing now that they knew who was at the helm of the camera.

A previous Inquisitr article reports how some folks online not only found this activity “disturbing” but a bit “creepy” as well. An article from the Daily Mail suggested that when Hurley decides to strike a pose in one of her many bikinis, a kid at 15 is “probably thinking “oh mum, not again!”

Comments on the Daily Mail article varied with some thinking her son “takes good photos” to another commenter who sends Hurley a message saying, “That’s a little creepy Liz.” Another comment suggested, “that is disgusting and decidedly unmotherly.”

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As you can see in the mother-son picture above, Damien is one handsome teen. His good looks weren’t ignored by some of the Daily Mail readers who posted swooning comments about Hurley’s only child.

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According to the Mirror, it was the picture below in which Hurley “lounged in bikini bottoms and braless” that started the concerns about Hurley using her 15-year-old son as her photographer. She posted this on her Instagram account for Valentines Day, but it is not revealed who actually took the picture.

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After the dust settled a bit about Hurley’s mother-son photography activity, she addressed this issue. According to the Mirror, it was after she uploaded the picture above for Valentine’s day that Hurley revealed she uses her son for what the Mirror calls her “on-demand photographer.”

Hurley praised Damian’s photography abilities during a recent interview and explained that he is a “budding photographer.” According to People Magazine, she defended her bikini-clad photo shots with her son.

“Here’s the thing, he doesn’t take all my bikini photos, by the way. Some of them are professional, some of them are my sister, anybody who I can get. When we’re on holiday together, sure he’ll take some pictures. And you know, he’s got a really good eye and he’s studying photography and it’s ridiculous.”

Below are a few more of Elizabeth Hurley’s bikini shots from her Instagram account. It is not known which, if any, are the result of her son with his camera.