Steroid Scandal: Jon Bravo Denies Confusion With Luther Reigns, Hints Roman Is Still A Part Of The Documentary


Jon Bravo has been working on a documentary that allegedly has proof of Roman Reigns’ involvement in the steroid scandal unearthed by the arrest of steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez. Bravo has been working on a documentary with insider information provided by Rodriguez. He claims to have proof of top WWE stars’ involvement in the steroid controversy.

Jon Bravo recently put out an image which claimed Luther Reigns was confirmed as a former customer of Richard Rodriguez, as reported by Ringside News. This news led to a whole lot of confusion as fans believed that Bravo had confused Luther Reigns with Roman Reigns and the Big Dog was not involved in the steroid controversy.

Bravo, who had created a teaser for his next video, soon realized the confusion that was evident all over the internet. The WWE Universe wasted no time in inferring that the Reigns that Bravo claimed all along was Luther and not Roman. Jon Bravo had to soon release a couple of slides to end the speculation.

Bravo’s Instagram post read that people should stop making stories as he wanted to work. It further added that Roman and Luther were two different people and everyone should wait until he releases more information. While he did not reveal more information until the time of writing, his comments hint that Roman Reigns will be seen in his documentary.

Roman Reigns and Luther Reigns confusion after Jon Bravo post
Featured image credit: WWE

Jon Bravo has been taking a long time to release the evidence against the WWE legends. It remains to be seen whether there is any concrete evidence or it is just some sort of confusion. In either case, WWE seems to be very keen on what Bravo will reveal about Roman Reigns. If serious charges are proved, things could go downhill for Roman Reigns.

WWE officials already seem to be prepared for the worst and it is evident from the changing storylines of Braun Strawman. He was initially set to be a part of the Intercontinental Title against the Miz but is now being kept as a backup if incriminating evidence is released against Roman Reigns. It would be difficult for WWE to sidetrack Reigns whom they have been pushing as the next face of WWE for quite some time.


The WWE Universe can only hope that Jon Bravo releases the evidence as soon as possible so that everyone knows the truth whatever that may be. Stay tuned to the Inquisitr for more updates on the story.