‘Gold Rush’: Todd Hoffman Final Act, Parker Schnabel Sets Gold Record, And Tony Beets Takes Revenge

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On the season finale, “The Spoils of War,” Gold Rush fans get to see the last of Todd Hoffman on the popular Discovery show. According to Monsters and Critics, Parker tries to pull one over Tony. Who wins that battle? Does this episode give clues as to why the Hoffmans are leaving the show, and what about Todd’s 100-ounce bet with Parker?

Todd Hoffman’s Woes Continue

Todd Hoffman announces that winter is here. Holy Roller cannot function because some of the key parts were built with silicone and foam and are inoperable. And then a truck breaks down.

There is now a serious machine shortage on the claim, and the situation is so bad that Todd decides he has to shut down one of the mining operations.

Todd chooses to shut down Freddy Dodge, which shocks and angers Freddy! Has Todd forgotten that Freddy is the reason that the crew is in Colorado in the first place?

On the next day, they voted 5-3 to shut down for the season. Now, it is time for campfire gold totals.

Rusty Red’s total is 51 ounces, while Holy Roller ends up with 53 ounces. The Hoffman crew’s total for the season is 1,644 ounces, and the crew does not appear happy at all. Could this have been why Todd Hoffman left Gold Rush?

Parker Schnabel Tries To Trick Tony Beets

Parker Schnabel may be on a record season, but he is still determined to mine even more gold, and he is not going to let Tony Beets stop him!

Tony tries to “choke Parker out of his land” by cutting off the water supply. This has made sluicing impossible on the new claim.

A furious Parker stands up to the Viking, in a “confrontation.”

“You can’t deny us water!”

Tony, who appears to take great pleasure in Parker’s pain, taunts his tenant.

“Why would I make it easy on you?”

Parker and Rick Ness “hatch a daring plan” and decide to haul pay dirt back from the Mud Hole to Big Red, but he needs to take the big trucks through Tony’s camp to do so.

In planning it, even Parker knows that this may be a bust.

“I don’t know if this is gonna work because we’re really not allowed to sluice other ground on Tony’s property but, at this point, we’ve got nothing left to lose.”

Last week, Parker spent a half million dollars buying property in order to avoid Tony’s land, yet they still appear unable to avoid driving right by the Beets family. Monica and Minnie are filmed observing Ashley Youle, Parker’s Aussie girlfriend, speedily drive her truck past them.

Add to all of that, Big Red’s bearings are burning and eventually start a fire, which surprises the Schnabel crew.

Tony then arrives, and in his colorful language, lets Parker know that his contract doesn’t allow him to run pay from another claim. Then Tony promptly shuts Parker down.

Parker then shuts down the other claim, just to spite Tony Beets.

After all of this action, it is time for the final weigh in! Rick’s total is 82.15 ounces, while Parker finds 406 ounces.

The Schnabel crew’s total for the season is 6,280 ounces. Incredible!


Tony Beets Moves a Dredge

Besides making Parker’s life tougher, Tony has his own challenges. He needs to move the dredge, but first, he needs to build a ramp, then lift the barge and fix the propeller. That’s a lot!

After winching the barge onto the ramp by using a load, they find a disaster; the propellers are ruined and the pontoons are leaking. That is how Tony finishes this Gold Rush season.

In their final gold weigh in, Kevin comes up with 436.8 ounces, while Monica beats her brother and weighs up 447.42 ounces. The Beets crew ends up with 3,659 ounces of gold this season before the royalties from Parker’s huge gold success.

And Monica has a big surprise; she is engaged! Gold Rush fans have to wonder if Tony will clean up his infamous beard before he walks his favorite child down the aisle.

Todd Vs. Parker: Who Won The Bet?

Parker shows up to Todd’s claim to get his winnings. Todd’s season total was 1,644 ounces, while Parker wound up with 6,280, which is nearly four times Todd’s total.

Demonstrating that he is a poor loser, Todd gives Parker a jar of very dirty-looking gold, which does not look anything like the clean gold that most Gold Rush viewers are accustomed to seeing at the weekly weigh-ins.

Parker takes that gold and nobly donates it to charity.

Coming Up: Best Of Todd Hoffman

For those Todd Hoffman fans who are already mourning the loss of the popular gold miner from the Discovery show, next week, Gold Rush will air a special episode on Todd Hoffman’s eight seasons on Gold Rush.

This Gold Rush special promises to be a roller coaster ride, as the Hoffman crew has experienced some of the biggest highs and some of the craziest lows on the show.

The Hoffman team has sought their millions in gold by mining in Alaska, the Yukon, Oregon, Colorado, and even Guyana, South America, with mixed results. Relive it all next week on Discovery.