‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle And Monica Team Up Against Carly, A Preview On The Future For Julexis

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General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) is up against formidable forces. The mama bear of the Corinthos household will feel concerned after receiving news that Nelle has been staying at the Quartermaine mansion.

General Hospital co-head writer Shelly Altman has the perfect description of what Carly will feel when she hears the news. Carly considers Monica her nemesis, and General Hospital spoilers from She Knows reveal that it will not be surprising if Monica tries to get to Nelle and win her favor to have access to her great-grandchild.

Nelle will try her best to win everyone’s favor. General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will help Olivia with Leo so she can score points. However, Carly will be quick to undo the positive impression she made by telling Olivia about her past.

Of course, Nelle will feel infuriated. Carly is at it again, and this just makes her more determined to take Carly out of the picture. From Nelle’s point of view, Carly is the villain, and she will have none of that. Nelle is just human, and she will feel guilty about everything she is doing to remove Carly from her path.

As a soon-to-be mother, her greatest fear is that Carly will take away her baby, and she will not allow that to happen. So, no matter how mad her actions seem to be, to her, it’s the right path to take. Carly is keeping her from living a happy life. So, she needs to get rid of her to achieve her goals.


On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers tease that Nelle will show her maternal side. This may have something to do with her baby and how her plans are all for the sake of protecting her unborn child.


In an interview with SOD, Nancy Lee Grahn kept mum on whether a Julexis reunion is in the cards. However, she revealed that she thinks General Hospital should dig into the individual histories of Alexis and Julian. By doing so, the show can tackle the issue of domestic abuse and how it shapes relationships.

Speaking of Alexis, she will have a tough time this week. She will have her hands full with the issue involving Finn (Michael Easton) and Julian (William DeVry) over Roxy, the lizard. Julian will a reason that he is practicing his rights, but Finn thinks he is just wary of having another male sniff around Alexis’ skirts.

Dr. Kim Nero will also find common ground with Liz, which is a good thing for both of them. Meanwhile, General Hospital spoilers tease Sam needs to put her priorities in order, and her mother will spare some time to share her perspective with her daughter.