‘Sister Wives’ Star Ysabel Is Resorting To ‘Alternative Treatments’ For Her Ailment, Says ‘2 Paragraphs’

Ethan MillerGetty Images

The latest Sister Wives news suggests that there’s no shortage of drama in the Brown family — and they even make the news for the methods of treatment they choose to take for their scoliosis!

That’s what Ysabel Brown is finding out, the hard way, thanks to a recent story by 2 Paragraphs. According to them, the young Sister Wives star is coming under fire because she’s resorting to “unproven, alternative treatments” for her scoliosis.

The sad news is, it isn’t Ysabel that’s interested in the alternative treatments — it’s her mother, Christine, who has decided to submit Ysabel to these treatments because she’s afraid of letting her get surgery.

“Everyone is in a great mood until wife #3 Christine receives bad news. Her daughter Ysabel’s X-rays show that ‘her scoliosis is worsening and surgery is imminent.’ Christine does not like the idea of her 14-year-old undergoing surgery so they ‘turn to unproven alternative treatments.’ Hey, they’re a non-traditional family living a nontraditional lifestyle. What did you expect?”

Fortunately, the Sister Wives stars don’t have much to worry about in the way of scoliosis surgery, if indeed it comes down to it for young Ysabel.

According to Treating Scoliosis, surgery isn’t common for people who suffer from scoliosis, but those who need it can take comfort in knowing that, today, it’s minimally invasive and requires very little downtime.

However, this isn’t to say that surgery is without complications; if a patient isn’t careful, it could lead to complications down the line.

“Surgery is often prematurely recommended when a teenager’s scoliosis curve measures over 40 degrees. It also gets recommended before children are done growing — as young as age 14. Surgery may seem like the only option if a doctor says your child ‘needs it immediately,’ and the doctor may say that spinal surgeries are much less invasive than they used to be, but all surgery is invasive — especially if it fuses a majority of the 24 vertebrae.”

So, whether the young Sister Wives star will need surgery — and, especially, fusion surgery — will depend on how severe Ysabel’s curve in her back is. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s life-threatening.

We will find out all of that on the next episode of Sister Wives, which will air this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. EST on TLC.