Jinger Duggar Reveals Two Of Her Pregnancy Cravings During Trip To Los Angeles For Men’s Only Event

Jeremy VuoloInstagram

Jinger Duggar recently headed to Los Angeles with her pastor husband, Jeremy Vuolo, for a men’s only religious conference. The Counting On stars have been sharing photos from their trip, but Jinger’s baby bump has yet to make an appearance in them. However, she did give her fans a good look at the nutritious and delicious food she’s been chowing down on to help her little one grow.

On Wednesday, Jeremy Vuolo revealed that he was in Los Angeles for the Shepherds’ Conference, a gathering of church leaders. According to his Instagram post, he was having a little fun during the event by playing foosball. One of his followers asked him if Jinger Duggar was with him.

“She is! We love Shepherd’s Conference,” Jeremy wrote.

However, according to the event’s website, the conference “is specifically geared to men.” Wives of attendees are unwelcome guests.

“Our purpose is to minister to the pastors, elders, and leaders of the local church. We encourage you to allow us to serve these men by not bringing your spouse to the conference,” reads one of the answers on the website’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

The website doesn’t say that women are strictly forbidden from attending the conference, so this may explain why Jinger Duggar was allowed to be there with her husband. It’s also possible that a special exception was made for the Counting On star. Whatever the case may be, none of Jinger’s recent Instagram posts have been about the event. Instead, the Duggar daughter has kept her focus on all the delicious L.A. food she’s been enjoying.

As you can see, Jinger Duggar’s pregnancy cravings currently include sweet foods. On Thursday, she treated herself to a banana dulce de leche ice cream cone from the MILK Shop. Some women crave crazy combinations of foods during their pregnancies, but Jinger didn’t try one of MILK’s more adventurous offerings like its Fruity Pebbles cookies or Lucky Charms ice cream macaron sandwiches.

Jinger mixed things up by eating dinner after having dessert. She followed up her sugary treat with some healthier fare in the form of a small salad. Her leafy greens were topped with crumbled bacon, a hardboiled egg, cucumber slices, tomatoes, and red onions.

Jinger isn’t the only member of her family to crave green things during her pregnancy. According to Entertainment Tonight, Jill Duggar snacked on jalapenos, spinach, and green beans with salt and vinegar during her first pregnancy. In a recent Counting On video, Joy-Anna Duggar revealed that her pregnancy cravings weren’t quite as unusual, especially for a Duggar. She just ate more of the sour pickles that her family loves so much.