Stevie Wonder $40 Tax Lien: Singer Served With Laughable Tax Bill

Legendary R&B singer Stevie Wonder has reportedly been hit with a whopping $40 tax lien by the state of California.

According to TMZ, who obtained copies of the insanely small bill, Mr. Wonder apparently forgot to pay a small portion of taxes to the state and now has also incurred $98 in additional penalties.

As it stands, the 62-year-old Superstition hitmaker now must fork over a total of $138 to resolve his outstanding bill.

While Stevie has yet to comment on the tax lien, it’s safe to say he won’t have a problem paying as his net worth is estimated to be somewhere in the range of $110 million, according to various financial outlets.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wonder is all set to perform at President Barack Obama’s inauguration celebrations later this month.

Joining Stevie on the bill is country singer Brad Paisley, Marc Anthony, rappers Far East Movement, Nick Cannon, fun., Usher, John Legend, Soul Children of Chicago and cast members from TV show Glee.

Obama’s inauguration ceremony will additionally feature Kelly Clarkson performing ‘My Country ‘Tis of Thee’ and James Taylor playing ‘America the Beautiful’.