Florida Teacher Finds Loaded Gun In Kindergartner’s Backpack

A kindergarten teacher in Florida had a shocking discovery when one of his students unintentionally brought a loaded gun inside the school premises.

The six-year-old boy, whose name has been withheld, reportedly went to Somerset Academy Lakes in West Palm Beach on Thursday morning, unaware of the dangerous weapon inside his backpack.

Apparently, the kindergartner managed to get inside the school with a loaded gun in his bag undetected. According to The Palm Beach Post, the weapon was only discovered after it fell out of the child’s backpack in a classroom.

Witnesses revealed that the young boy walked into the classroom and tossed down his backpack, exposing the loaded gun.

Lynn Norman-Teck, a spokeswoman for the Florida Charter School Alliance, told the outlet that the boy’s teacher acted quickly and promptly evacuated the students out of the classroom. She added that the teacher immediately picked up the gun and secured the room.

The school principal then contacted the sheriff’s office to report the incident. In a Facebook post by principal Clint Duvo, he noted that “the student body and staff were never in any danger.” He also defended that the student “did not intend” to bring the weapon to school, adding that he has no knowledge that it was in his backpack.

Meanwhile, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Teri Barbera revealed that authorities are currently investigating how the loaded gun made its way into the kindergartner’s backpack.

No one was hurt or injured during the incident.


The shocking event comes less than a week after a loaded gun was found inside a child’s lunchbox at a daycare in South Carolina.

A teacher at the Lake Bowen Baptist Church Child Development Center made the shocking discovery during a post-lunch snack. The weapon was immediately confiscated and unloaded the bullets before daycare administrators notified the parents of the toddler.

Apparently, the mother accidentally packed the loaded gun in her child’s lunchbox during a rushed morning. It has been revealed that the toddler’s family had recently been targeted in an attempted carjacking and that the firearm was intended for personal protection.

The mother also told administrators that she has a concealed weapons permit, according to WYFF.

School officials informed the parents of other children about the incident through a letter. Fortunately, none of the children or staff were put in harm’s way.