Trump Approval Rating Hits All-Time High — Job Approval Blooms Despite More Fertilizer Spread On Allegations

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One of the latest polls to emerge reveals the approval rating of Donald Trump at the highest it has been for the President since he first entered the Oval Office last year. The information is new, as the folks participating in this latest data were polled on March 5th and 6th.

According to AOL News, this latest Marist poll asked 1,0450 adults about Trump’s job performance. Out of this group of people, 42 percent reported having a positive view of the job Trump is doing at the helm of this nation. This is a 4 percent jump from last month’s survey.

In this poll, Trump did “particularly well in the South,” reports AOL News. This is where his approval rating hit 49 percent. Although Trump’s approval rating is on the rise, according to the outcome of this latest poll, people are still looking at some of his actions without rose-colored glasses.

As far as the tariff on steel and aluminum Trump’s proposed, 42 percent of those polled see this as to likely have a negative impact on the nation’s economy. Some, 27 percent of those polled, feel as if these tariffs will give the economy a boost. As far as prices increasing on certain products as a result of this tariff, 62 percent expect to be paying more for the products they use, reports AOL News.

Donald Trump in Bushes
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It does appear that the American people can separate Trump’s alleged behaviors from long ago with the President of today. According to the Mirror, America “seems entirely at ease with Trump’s behavior.” People voted for Trump to fix what was broken in Washington and there is a long list of things he’s accomplished so far, starting with putting more money back into the worker’s paychecks.

There are frequent comparisons made between Trump’s alleged affair and Bill Clinton’s saga with then-intern Monica Lewinski. The one big difference is that Bill Clinton’s allegations emerged right from the Oval Office. His behaviors allegedly occurred while he was the president. The allegations following Trump around today are from decades ago.

It appears the American people are more interested in seeing America back on track, which many believe Trump is in the process of doing, than judging him for allegations that surfaced from years ago.

Another concern today is how these allegations are affecting Melania Trump. Some have voiced their opinion that it doesn’t seem fair that she is put in a position where these humiliating allegations saturate the headlines as this is her marriage as well as Donald Trump’s. “The mounting accusations are taking their toll” on Melania, reports the Mirror.

The latest allegations to emerge this week are coming out of court papers filed by Stormy Daniels who is suing Trump. She has decided to sue the President after that non-disclosure contract Daniels had with Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen is considered “null and void” because Trump didn’t sign it, according to the Mirror.

Cohen had openly admitted that he paid $130,000 of his own money to Stormy Daniels while Trump was just a stone’s throw away from winning the election. This was reported as “hush money” to keep Daniels from making the allegations that she eventually did despite the agreement.

With this lawsuit in the news and the affair allegations getting a reboot in the headlines, it didn’t seem to hurt Trump’s latest approval ratings. It appears that Americans are more concentrated on the job Trump is doing from his perch in the White House, than what allegedly went on in the past. This appears evident in this latest poll.