Terrified Locals Found 54 Severed Human Hands Inside A Bag In Russia


Terrified locals made a gruesome discovery of 54 severed human hands packed inside a bag not far from the city of Khabarovsk in Eastern Siberia.

According to The Siberian Times, investigators rushed to the Beshenaya Channel on the Amur River after one local reportedly found one of the hands lying on the shore near a famous fishing spot.

Not far from the scene, several locals also discovered a bag of 53 other hands stuffed inside a bag in the snow-covered island. Authorities were quick to conduct an investigation as to why and how this repulsive haul managed to get where it was.

They also laid all 27 pairs of human hands out on the snow to take pictures of them, as seen in the photos obtained by the Daily Mail. One local described the scene as a “sickening sight.”

Fingerprints have been identified on one of the hands, while the others are still being tested. Apparently, retrieving the fingerprints of the frozen severed hands were quite challenging because of their current state.

The outlet also noted that medical bandages and plastic shoe covers usually found in a hospital were discovered next to the bag of severed hands. And while it remains unclear why they were chopped off, officials and several locals came up with interesting theories.


There were claims that the hands may have been used for medical purposes. Others were convinced that they were cut off to stop authorities from identifying the remains of murder victims through fingerprints.

Another theory suggests that the hands were chopped off from bodies that were stolen and sold either on the black market or for research. There were no signs of the rest of their bodies in the area, making it yet another mystery.

The severed hands were reportedly found in a snow-covered island in Russia.Featured image credit: John A CameronShutterstock

So far, authorities have declined to comment on the case. No further details have been revealed about the identities of the severed human hands.

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