‘Top Chef: Colorado’ Recap: Finale — Season 15 Winner Announced

Paul TrantowBravo

The final two chefs on Top Chef: Colorado competed tonight, and the winner of Top Chef Season 15 was crowned. Yes, it was finale night on Bravo, but who won Top Chef: Colorado tonight? Find out the Season 15 finale results from tonight below in our Top Chef spoilers.

Last week on Top Chef Season 15, the night started with the Quickfire Challenge and it had the chefs having to catch their own fish to cook. Joseph won and was able to pick sous chefs for each chef during the Elimination Challenge. For that challenge, the chefs had to create a vegetarian dish for 200 guests at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. They had the help of the sous chefs, and the judges enjoyed all of the dishes, but someone had to be eliminated. It was Joe Sasto who was sent home, as Joseph Flamm and Adrienne Cheatham headed into tonight’s finale.

Final Elimination Challenge

For this final challenge, the chefs had to create an ultimate four-course progressive meal. Since it was so intense, they got to use some of the eliminated chefs as sous chefs. Adrienne picked Chris and Carrie, and Joseph picked Joe and Fatima.

Menus and Prep

The chefs met with their sous chefs to discuss the menus. From there, they all headed out to do some shopping for their ingredients. It was then time to head back to the kitchen and do some prep work for the next day. Things were going well, but Joseph was struggling with his cake and it was not looking good for his dessert on Top Chef: Colorado.

Top Chef Colorado Spoilers - Season 15 Finale Recap
Featured image credit: Paul TrantowBravo

One Final Celebration

Adrienne and Joseph got back to their room and were surprised, as Tom Colicchio and Graham Elliot were cooking for them. They enjoyed a nice meal cooked by the judges and then got some words of wisdom from both of them.


The chefs headed back to the kitchen on Top Chef: Colorado and finished their dishes. The judges all arrived and it was time for this four-course meal to begin.

  • First Course – They said they both did an amazing job. They thought Joseph’s dish was simple, but felt like they saw it before. However, Adrienne’s dish was a showstopper.
  • Second Course – Tom said Joe’s dish was amazing and the broth was great. They thought Adrienne cooked the octopus beautifully, but Tom said it was dry. Padma said it was a tight competition.
  • Third Course – Joe’s meat was over-rested and one judge was tearing the meat apart. They thought Adrienne’s dish was dry again, but Tom said he liked it.
  • Fourth Course – The cake was good for Joe’s dish. They thought Adrienne’s dish was creative, but they lost the banana pudding in the dish.
Top Chef Colorado Spoilers - Season 15 Finale Recap
Featured image credit: Paul TrantowBravo

Judges’ Table

The chefs returned in front of the judges on Top Chef: Colorado. They received feedback on each of the dishes, and it seemed like a very close competition. However, the judges had to pick one to win and one to fall a step short.

After discussing it a little bit more, the winner of Top Chef Season 15 was Joseph Flamm.