Victor Minjarez, Oklahoma Father Arrested In Son's Death, Reveals His Side Of What Happened To Jody Minjarez

Victor Minjarez, who was arrested in the death of his son Jody Minjarez, is now sharing his side of what allegedly happened to the little boy. Yesterday an Amber Alert was issued by the Oklahoma City Police Department for the 7-month-old little boy who was taken by Victor after he got into a fight with the boy's mother. The Inquisitr shared the news about his arrest this morning, but at the time a lot of details were not out.

Victor was arrested on charges of murder and desecrating a human body.

OKC Fox shared the details about what Victor is saying happened to Jody. The body of the infant was found inside a trash can at a vacant home in the 3000 block of Venice Boulevard, where Victor was arrested. He isn't denying that he knew that the little boy died, but he is saying it was all an accident. Victor, who admits to bringing his son to a vacant house, was homeless and had to find a place to go after taking the child from his mother.

Victor says that he placed the child on a mattress near a heater. According to him, he woke up during the night and saw that the little boy had blisters all over his face, and that later in the night the little boy was gurgling and unresponsive. He says that he took the little boy, wrapped him in a blanket, and then put him in a trash bag. After that, he put the body in a trash can outside. Police reportedly found the child and arrested the father a week later.

The Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office, however, released a preliminary report which appears to contradict Victor's version of the events. The report concludes that he died from blunt force trauma to the head and that his death was a homicide.

For now, Victor Minjarez is still in jail. This story will continue to develop as more information comes out.