WWE News: Cesaro Really Hates Beach Balls, Wants Disrespectful Fans Banned For Life

Juan Paolo David

Cesaro is considered by many hardcore WWE fans as one of the best wrestlers in the world today. "The Swiss Cyborg" is currently one-half of the Raw Tag Team champions with Sheamus, but some believe that he deserves a shot to be WWE or Universal champion. Cesaro is also known for his hatred of beach balls and he really wants those who bring it to the arena banned for life.

In a recent interview with Jerard Fageberg of City Pages, Cesaro talked about his passionate hatred of beach balls during WWE events. Cesaro said that playing with beach balls while WWE superstars are having a match is very disrespectful. He wants WWE fans who bring beach balls ejected and effectively banned from watching any WWE event ever.

"Excuse my language, but fudge beach balls. Seriously. That's absolutely disrespectful. We were wrestling for the Tag Team Championships, and you want to play with a beach ball? Get the hell out of here. Go. Leave the arena, and don't come back. I think every person that brings a beach ball into a WWE arena should get ejected for life."

Besides beach balls, Cesaro also talked about being a tag team specialist, his friendship with Sheamus, his former partnership with NXT star Kassius Ohno, and advice for wrestlers wanting to become WWE superstars in the future. Cesaro pointed out that being a WWE superstar takes time, effort, and lots of sacrifices.

Cesaro and Sheamus currently have no feud going into WrestleMania 34 and they have issued a challenge to any tag team for a title match. Sportskeeda reports that they are going to defend the Raw Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 34 against two WWE superstars not currently a team.

Some of the rumored names floating around as opponents for Cesaro and Sheamus include Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero, Broken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt, and even The Young Bucks. Nevertheless, fans cannot wait for WWE superstars who will step up to The Bar at WrestleMania 34, and they should expect no beach balls this time.