‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Tyler Christopher On Stefan’s Motive, Abby’s Mental Illness Is An ‘Opportunity’

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Days Of Our Lives spoilers tease Stefan DiMera’s motives regarding Abigail (Marci Miller). He is hiding the fact that she is struggling with a mental illness. He is also helping cover up evidence that could link her to Andre DiMera’s (Thaao Penghlis) murder. However, his reasoning has nothing to do with his feelings for Abby. Actor Tyler Christopher explained that Stefan sees an opportunity.

‘Gabby’ Fallout

“Chabby” fans were not happy that Abigail was forced to endure more psychological trauma. Making it even worse is that Stefan knows, but is keeping it a secret. She killed Andre DiMera, with whom she shared a special and unique bond. Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel) nearly became a victim, but Stefan arrived just in time to stop “Gabby.”

When Abby’s second personality emerges, she becomes a lethal seductress. Days Of Our Lives spoilers from SoapCentral suggest that Stefan is playing a dangerous game. Examples of possible fallout include Chad DiMera’s (Billy Flynn) reaction, or Abigail getting worse. There is even the possibility that one of the personalities could kill again.

Stefan’s Opportunistic Motives

Tyler Christopher explained to Soap Opera Digest that Stefan DiMera is an opportunist.

“It’s certainly not going to help matters that he’s basically hiding this illness instead of immediately going to get help, which would be the natural reaction for anyone to do, but Stefan is an opportunist and he sees this as an opportunity.”

Recognizing possibilities where everyone else sees failure is Stefan’s specialty. He became a very wealthy man by flipping failing businesses. Recognizing the possibilities where others only see a loss is his specialty. He views Abigail in a similar way. Instead of seeing her as a human being needing help, he sees a business transaction.

DiMera Strategies

So, what is Stefan’s strategy when it comes to Abigail’s situation? The actor couldn’t elaborate without revealing too many DOOL spoilers. However, fans are guessing it has to do with DiMera Enterprises.

Another theory is that Stefan and Vivian (Louise Sorel) need Abigail on Days Of Our Lives. A few weeks ago, Vivian mentioned that if Abigail is arrested, then it will put the spotlight on the villainous pair.

This could also be a romantic strategy. In Stefan’s mind, he is protecting Abby during her weakest moment. While she suffered, Chad was busy trying to clear Gabi Hernandez’s (Camila Banus) name. Abigail won’t fall for that scheme, but that doesn’t mean that Stefan won’t try.

Stefan & Abigail’s ‘Humanizing’ Journey

DOOL spoilers from Marci Miller’s interview with Soap Opera Digest tease an interesting journey. Of course, Stefan will be an important part of her quest.

“She’s [Gabby] is being a little bit selfish with her actions and she really doesn’t care who she hurts. She’s a little bit villanous and sneaky. Stefan’s character becomes very crucial throughout her journey, there’s some humanity that takes place.”

Watch out boy, she chew you up. #Gabigail #Days @nbcdays

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