As Abby Lee Miller’s Release Date Looms, Fans Wonder Why She’s Still In Jail

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Abby Lee Miller first came to national attention when she starred in the hit Lifetime show, Dance Moms. Under her guidance, dance hopefuls could become the superstars that they thought they were, and to Miller’s credit, many of her charges have gone on to enjoy some success in Hollywood circles.

However, a year ago, Abby Lee Miller went to jail on bankruptcy fraud charges, which effectively put the brakes on her burgeoning career. Today, however, she’s back in the news because there was some hope that she would be released early — a hope that has, subsequently, been dashed, and is leaving fans wondering why she’s still in jail in the first place.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Abby Lee Miller is devastated by the fact that she is still in jail, and that her early release was denied.

Jennifer Myers, who was Miller’s closest confidante before she went to prison — and who still works with the former Dance Moms honcho — said that the explanation is simple: the prison where Miller is staying is, ultimately, paying for her to go to a half-way house.

“In the past, let’s say each warden had a budget for eight halfway house beds per month, they were often releasing 20 women to beds instead because they wanted to help get them out. But the director of Federal Bureau of Prisons, Mark Inch, started a crackdown on the budgets, and is making sure they don’t go over budget anymore.”

So, to put it simply: Abby Lee Miller had to make plans, in advance, to get released to a half-way house, and there has to be room in the budget for her to go to said half-way house. If those two energies don’t meet, she has to stay in prison, whether she likes it or not.

The bad news is, there’s no new “early release” date for the head Dance Mom. The good news, however, is that Abby Lee Miller has a crack-shot legal team, and they’re working on getting her a new early release date as we speak!

Stay tuned to this space for updates on when Abby Lee Miller will be released from prison.