Celine Dion Shares Beautiful Throwback Picture With Her Late Father On What Would Have Been His 95th Birthday

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Gone, but never forgotten — that is the motto that Celine Dion seems to live by.

Over the course of her life, Celine has suffered many tough losses of those she loves, including the death of her brother and beloved husband just days apart. According to People, Celine tragically lost her husband, Rene Angelil, and her brother, Daniel Dion, in the same week. Angelil was 73-years-old when he lost his battle with throat cancer in 2016, while Daniel was just 59-years-old when he died from brain, throat, and tongue cancer.

Since those hard deaths, Celine has spoken many times to pay tribute and to remember both important men in her life. The same is true with Dion’s father, Adhemar Dion. People reports that in 2003, Dion’s dad passed away at the age of 80. At the time, Celine was only 35-years-old.

But even though he passed away 15 years ago, that doesn’t stop Celine from paying tribute to her late father, who has clearly had a huge impact on the singer’s life. Earlier this week, Dion shared a touching photo with fans of herself and her father to her popular Instagram page.

In the photo, Dion and her father are hugging as Celine looks down and closes her eyes. The caption is equally as beautiful as the picture itself.

“Papa, you would have been 95 years old today. I think of you and I love you. – Celine.”

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Dion’s army of over 2 million followers was clearly touched by the picture, as it gained over 159,000 likes as well as 1,660 comments. Many of Celine’s fans applauded the singer for being so candid and raw about her personal life, while others were sure to send the singer well-wishes.

“So much joy in your life but so much pain too. Everything works out in the end though.”

“Celine.. such a wonderful example of love and respect,” another chimed in.

It’s clear to see that Celine respects all of her family members who are no longer with her, and fans respect the fact that Celine is brave enough to share her story and honor her loved ones with them.

According to her website, Celine will continue her residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas at the end of March, with scheduled shows from March until June. After that, Dion will travel to Asia to play concerts in Singapore and Taipei, just to name a few as well as a few shows in Australia at the end of July and early in August.