WWE News: Matt Hardy’s ‘Ultimate Deletion’ Match Being Filmed, Jeff Hardy Could Appear


The latest WWE angle involving Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt reportedly started its filming in North Carolina on Thursday. The “Ultimate Deletion” match is based on Hardy’s “Woken” persona, with the match arranged to take place at the Hardy Compound. However, the details of who all might be involved in the match are presently scarce, which may be good news for fans anxious to see the latest chapter. Here are the latest details on the segment and who fans might expect to see in cameo roles.

As PW Insider’s Mike Johnson indicated on Thursday, filming was officially underway for “Ultimate Deletion” in Cameron, North Carolina. While the big match is based on Hardy’s “Woken” persona, it goes back to his days in TNA Impact Wrestling where he and Jeff Hardy, along with Matt’s wife Reby Sky and son King Maxel, all were part of the “Broken” storyline. A huge match/battle was held at the Hardy compound for “Final Deletion,” which drew some rave reviews from fans for its high stakes creativity. WWE is hoping to produce an even better product than their competitors and a much better product than a previous “outside the ring” match from last year.

The big match was set up on this past Monday’s episode of WWE Raw when Matt Hardy appeared on the big screen after Bray Wyatt’s match. Hardy issued a challenge to his latest rival to come participate in a match at the Hardy compound. Some black-and-white footage was shown from the compound as part of the segment, including drone video of Hardy on the property and Hardy dragging a rowboat, which was used in the previous TNA match. Wyatt gave his official acceptance via Twitter that same night with a simple “I accept.”

As of this report, all that’s known about the match is that Matt Hardy is involved in filming at the compound in North Carolina. Bray Wyatt is most likely there, although the report didn’t specify if he was part of today’s filming. There also haven’t been any reports or rumors mentioning if Matt’s wife, son, or Senor Benjamin (a character who featured in the previous “Broken Hardy” stories and matches) will be involved. However, Matt tweeted out photos showing all of his family and Senor Benjamin with reference to the “Ultimate Deletion” match a few days ago.

As fans know, Matt’s brother Jeff has been out of action due to injury. It’s unknown when he will return to perform in the ring, but there is some talk that he could still possibly make a “non-physical cameo” in the “Ultimate Deletion” match. As PW Insider mentioned, Hardy will visit the WWE Performance Center later this month, but it’s unknown when his return date for participating in matches will be.

The WWE previously suffered a major failure when they had a first-ever “House of Horrors” match at Payback 2017. That matchup involved Bray Wyatt challenging Randy Orton to a match that started away from the PPV venue. It took place at a random house where Bray and Orton beat each other up around the premises, before ultimately returning to the San Jose arena later on during the PPV. Wyatt eventually took the victory by pinfall, thanks to interference from Jinder Mahal, who snuck up on Orton in the ring.

Most likely, this match will take place on next week’s Raw rather than at a pay-per-view, which gives WWE the opportunity to stretch out the match through segments during the night. Still, fans are hoping that the “Woken” Matt Hardy brings some life to this rivalry with Bray Wyatt in this new match.