18 Human Heads Found At Chicago Airport

Chicago, IL – A total of 18 human heads were found at the O’Hare Airport. The shipment was intercepted by Chicago custom officials. Although reports about the heads on Monday may have appeared quite shocking, officials now believe the human heads are legitimate medical specimens.

The human heads found at the Chicago airport were sent to the city from outside the United States. Department of Homeland Security spokesman Brian Bell had this to say about the unusual discovery:

“There’s no issue with the transportation of body parts for medical purposes. There’s nothing against the law that says you cannot ship them, provided you have the right documentation. Everybody here is ‘Oh my gosh, you got a box of heads’ and everybody thinks that it’s unheard of. It is a potentially legitimate medical shipment. We’ve seen it at various ports in the nation.”

The Department of Homeland Security spokesman would not comment about the shipping originals of the 18 human heads found at O’Hare Airport, the final destination for the body parts, or how the heads were preserved and packaged, My Fox Chicago notes.

When the 18 heads arrived at the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office for review, they were reportedly still covered with skin. Law enforcement officers reportedly do not feel that there is an aspect of foul play in the head collection, the New York Daily News notes.

Brian Bell noted that this is the first time that he has been asked questions about human body parts. Although this is the Department of Homeland Security spokesman’s first such press event, he also stated that such shipments are not without precedent.