‘General Hospital’ Star Dominic Zamprogna Celebrates Nine Years As Dante Falconeri

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Dominic Zamprogna arrived in Port Charles nine years ago. General Hospital fans met him as Dominic Pirelli. He entered as an undercover cop determined to take down Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Little did he know, Sonny was his biological father. That was determined when the mob boss shot Pirelli.

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Dominic Zamprogna talked about the highlight of being on General Hospital for the last nine years. A lot has happened to him professionally and personally, some of it paralleling. Zamprogna got married and welcomed three children while his alter ego was married with one child.

There has been a lot of heavy material for Dominic Zamprogna on General Hospital, but the recent loss of his on-screen partner has been some of his best work. Dante and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) were incredibly close and their wives were best friends. With the loss of Nathan, Dante is still grieving. Throw the current earthquake situation into the mix, and Zamprogna has been on an emotional rollercoaster with his character.

Social media isn’t Dominic Zamprogna’s thing, but he checked Twitter during the Nathan storyline to see how fans were reacting. He told the publication he was pleased with the responses. General Hospital has given Zamprogna some amazing material with various angles. This job is clearly something he enjoys, which shines through when he plays his role.

Being paired opposite Maurice Benard has been beneficial for Dominic Zamprogna. The two will be lifelong friends, texting one another on a regular basis. He also bragged about his on-screen mom, Lisa LoCicero. She plays Olivia Falconeri, his Italian mother. Zamprogna revealed the two are close and their daughters attend the same swim classes. He praised both actors for their work, which is a big deal in the business.

As for what is next for Dante Falconeri, only time will tell. It appears that Dominic Zamprogna plans to remain on General Hospital for the foreseeable future. Next year, he will have held the same role for a decade. Being a staple character in the soap genre of television is a big accomplishment, one that doesn’t happen to everyone.