Michael Schumacher Update: Mercedes Exec Thinks Lewis Hamilton Can Beat F1 Legend, Fans Pay Tribute To Schumi

Paul GilhamGetty Images

The current health status of Michael Schumacher remains to be one of the unresolved mysteries in the field of sports today. Avid followers of the Formula 1 legend are still unaware of his condition after he hit his head on a rock while skiing in French Alps in December 2013. Though Schumi has been away from the limelight for approximately four years already, his came could still be seen in the headlines.

As a matter of fact, Toto Wolff recently declared that the records of Michael Schumacher might still be beaten. The Mercedes executive made the statement after getting the team gong at the Laureus 2018 World Sports Awards, Express reported. Toto also revealed that Lewis Hamilton is set to renew his contract with them.

“He is at the top of his career and it’s clear we want to continue with Lewis and he wants to continue with us. He’s the best driver and the best team so it is a true win-win situation.”

The former Austrian racing driver even stated that, just like Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton could continue joining racing competitions up to his late 30s. Though previous reports claimed that the 33-year-old British racer is retiring very soon, Toto Wolff is confident that Lewis would stay on their team in the upcoming years. For starters, Lewis got his fourth F1 World Drivers’ Championship after he beat Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari last year.

Earlier this year, ex-world champion Nigel Mansell told Skysports that Lewis Hamilton should take advantage of his dominance in racing. Nigel said that the British driver has what it takes to set new records and even beat the all the achievements of Michael Schumacher. He added that Lewis should replicate the strategies of the Formula 1 legend during the early 2000s.

“You’re in the best team with the best car, there isn’t the depth of competition there used to be. Make hay when the sun shines just like Michael Schumacher did for three or four years.”

Meanwhile, Mirror reported that avid followers of Michael Schumacher have paid him a tribute. The publication shared that fans unveiled a huge banner during the Formula 1 testing. The 30-meter long sign contains the phrase ”Michael Forever,” which is their way of showing support to the Formula 1 legend who is still recovering from his head injuries. Up until now, Schumi’s family has remained mum about the details of his health.

However, it was previously learned that the Formula 1 legend continues receiving his medication and therapies in his Swiss mansion near Lake Geneva. It was also claimed that Schumi could still recover but his lawyer denied the claims saying that he can already walk and talk with the help of his therapies. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates about Michael Schumacher.