Jerry Lewis Returns To The Big Screen In Daniel Noah’s ‘Max Rose’

After stepping away from the camera for over two decades, Jerry Lewis is scheduled to return to the big screen in an upcoming comedy from writer-director Daniel Noah.

The 86-year-old actor has agreed to star in the movie Max Rose, the latest cinematic effort from the indie filmmaker. Both the star and the director are returning to their respective roles after a number of years away from the game; Noah hasn’t helmed a feature since the 2001 mystery Twelve.

According to Deadline, Jerry Lewis will star as an elderly man who discovers a shocking secret that could mean his entire marriage was a sham. In addition to grieving over the loss of his wife, Max Rose is forced to contend with the truth behind their relationship. The character then embarks on a journey of self-discovery that puts him in touch with people he hasn’t seen in years.

Claire Bloom, Kevin Pollak, Kerry Bishe, and Mort Sahl have also reportedly accepted roles in the feature. However, it’s currently unknown when moviegoers can expect to see Jerry Lewis’ new movie in theaters.

The last live action movie starring Jerry Lewis was co-writer and director Peter Chelsom’s 1995 comedy Funny Bones. The film told the story of a struggling comedian (Oliver Platt) who returns to the town where he spent his summers as a child. Lewis played Platt’s father in the film.

Cinema Blend explains that the funnyman’s last major role was in Martin Scorsese’s The King of Comedy. The 1983 drama found Jerry Lewis tackling the role of a talk show host who is stalked by an up-and-coming comedian looking to leave his mark on the industry.

It’s currently unknown when Max Rose will land in theaters. However, chances are more information about the project will bubble to the surface as the project’s production draws near.

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