Low-Cost iPhone To Use Plastic Body, Says Rumors

If rumors of a low-cost iPhone are correct, the device could be created using a plastic body design. Apple currently develops its higher end iPhone devices using metal and glass finishes.

A source at DigiTimes claims that the plastic body was one of the first ideas floated around by Apple engineers as they attempted to create a lower cost Apple iPhone that doesn’t sacrifice too much on the performance side.

In comparison, the Apple iPhone 4 was created with a glass finish, and the iPhone 5 included a more durable metal design.

The rumor also suggests that the plastic chassis will be manufactured in the United States, a move that would pull some of Apple’s reliance off its Asian manufacturing partners where nearly all iPhone supply and assembly has occurred in the past.

Another rumor suggests that the low-cost iPhone will feature a mixture of plastic and metal parts, creating a hybrid between low-cost and high-end Apple manufacturing. If that rumor is true, the device may allow buyers to see internal metal parts found on the iPhone, a break from the company’s normal aesthetics.

Low-cost Apple components are believed to currently be undergoing validation for use in upcoming iPhone devices.

Other Apple rumors have pointed to multiple screen sizes on higher end devices and the option to purchase various colors that more closely resemble iPod Touch devices.

Would you be willing to pay less money for an Apple iPhone if it meant sacrificing the devices strong build factor and typical aesthetics?