‘Psycho-Pass’ Season 3 Will Wait: 2019 Anime Movie ‘Psycho-Pass SS: Sinners Of The System’ Trailer Has Kogami

Production IG'Psycho-Pass SS' Movie Trailer

Anime fans have long been waiting for Psycho-Pass Season 3 to be officially announced. Way before 2018, producer Akitoshi Mori teased fans in a Dengeki Online interview that a continuation was possible, but did not give any further hints. While a third season may not be coming out anytime soon, the release date for a new Psycho-Pass movie sequel has been confirmed for January of 2019.

According to the trailer video released today, it will be a Psycho-Pass movie trilogy called Psycho-Pass SS (or Psycho-Pass Sinners Of The System). Each film is labeled with a case number and a title. The first movie is called Psycho-Pass SS: Case 1 Tsumi to Bachi (Crime And Punishment). Based on the provided key visuals, it will focus on Psycho-Pass characters Nobuchika Ginoza and Mika Shimotsuki.

The release dates for the second and third films have not yet been announced. The second movie, Psycho-Pass SS: Case 2 First Guardian, will showcase characters Tomomi Masaoka and Teppei Sugo. The third movie, Psycho-Pass SS: Case 3 First Guardian (On The Other Side Of Love And Hate), only shows one character in the visual, Shinya Kogami.

The original anime series was 22 episodes long and premiered in 2012. The second season aired in 2014 and was followed up Psycho-Pass: The Movie instead of Psycho-Pass Season 3. So far, nothing else about the story for the anime Psycho-Pass movie has been announced, although it’s possible the Psycho-Pass Kogami movie will involve his time as a guerrilla fighter. In the first movie for Psycho-Pass, Akane Tsunemori was sent to retrieve Kogami after it was discovered the rogue Enforcer was believed to be helping anti-Sibyl terrorists.

Psycho Pass Kogami Movie
The third 'Psycho-Pass SS' movie will focus on Shinya Kogami.Featured image credit: Production IG'Psycho-Pass SS' Movie Trailer

Production IG handled the first season and the first movie, while Tatsunoko Production animated the second season. Many fans consider the second season inferior to the other two projects, so, hopefully, Production IG will return for producing Psycho-Pass Sinners Of The System.

English-speaking fans may also be wondering how the new Psycho-Pass SS movie trilogy will be released internationally. While the Psycho-Pass English dub was handled by Funimation, the current announcement did not specify any details about international streaming. However, in 2018 Netflix announced a deal to co-produce anime with Production IG, Wit Studio, and Bones. It’s possible this business relationship could cause the three movies of Psycho-Pass Sinners Of The System to become available on Netflix for streaming. (Keep in mind this is speculation since the original Psycho-Pass anime was removed from Netflix in 2016 while the episodes are still available on Hulu.)

The original anime story by Production IG spawned a still-ongoing Psycho-Pass manga series by writer Midori Gotou and illustrator Natsuo Sai as well as two light novels by Makoto Fukami. There is also a game called Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness.

According to Anime News Network, Psycho-Pass Season 3 is the second most anime sequel desired by fans based on polls. It’s up there with Tiger And Bunny Season 3 and Code Geass Season 3, both of which have been confirmed to be greenlit for production. Needless to say, fans can be excited about the upcoming 2019 anime!