Prince William Should Be King, Charles Is ‘Too Old’ Claims Diana’s Confidante Paul Burrell

Ben A. PrunchieGetty Images

After working as a royal butler for ten years, Paul Burrell knows how the senior members of the British royal family operate. And, in a new interview, he opened up about the upcoming royal wedding and William and Kate’s new baby, plus he makes the shocking claim that Prince Charles will never be King.

According to Now to Love, Kensington Palace has already made some adjustments because of Queen Elizabeth’s advancing age, with Prince Charles taking on various roles to prepare him to be the next monarch. But, according to Burrell, there will be a major shake-up when the Queen passes.

“It’s a very controversial prediction, but we will never see King Charles and Queen Camilla sit on the throne of England. Watch that space. Why? Because when The Queen dies, and she’ll be a hundred and something, she will never abdicate. When she dies, I think Charles will do the right thing and say, ‘I’m far too old for this responsibility,'” says Burrell.

He goes on to say that the world would prefer a much younger King and Queen – the very popular William and Kate – and they are definitely the way forward for the royal family. Recent polls do support Burrell’s claims, with 51 percent of UK residents preferring William to be the next King instead of his father.

But some say that William isn’t ready for the role and has no desire to take the throne early.

Burrell also predicts that while the palace fast-tracks the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to the top, Prince Harry will become just as influential as his late mother, Princess Diana.

The 59-year-old calls Harry “The People’s Prince,” and explains that he can do things that his brother never could because of his place in line to the throne. He says that people shouldn’t be surprised that for Harry, everything revolves around his mother, someone the Royal family tried to erase.

And now that he is grown up, he intends to honor his mother in various ways, with one being including various members of his beloved charities on the guest list for his May 19 wedding. Burrell says that he is not surprised by the gesture because it echoes Diana’s generous and inclusive spirit.

Burrell, who rose to fame as Princess Diana’s butler and best friend after working for her for 10 years, also believes that Harry and his bride, Meghan Markle, will start a family right away. He added that having mixed-race babies in the Royal family is a wonderful way to bring them into this century.


The father of two insists that Diana would have loved Markle and would have “embraced her wholeheartedly.” He says she is everything Diana would have wanted for Harry because she is not a silly girl. But instead, she is a professional woman who will shape him.

As for William and Kate’s new baby, Burrell believes it will be a boy, and the couple will name him Albert, after William’s great-grandfather, who the public knew as King George VI.

He also believes that the couple will have one more baby because they want to have four kids.

Burrell just finished a three-week stint on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, and he will now return to his work as a florist in Cheshire, England.

In a recent poll in the U.K., most residents also think Charles should abdicate and allow Prince William and Kate Middleton to be the next King and Queen of England.