Joy-Anna Duggar Wore Pants On The 'Counting On' Premiere, And Fans Just Now Noticed

Treva Bowdoin

Joy-Anna Duggar is officially the first female member of her family to wear pants on Counting On. However, the 20-year-old is the third Duggar daughter to wear the wardrobe item that her parents disapprove of. By ditching her skirt for a day, she followed in the footsteps of fellow married siblings Jinger, 24, and Jill, 26. Fans completely freaked out the first time the two older Duggar girls wore pants in public, but it took them over a week to realize that Joy-Anna was rocking them on her honeymoon episode of Counting On.

On Wednesday, a redditor shared a screenshot from the February 26 Counting On season premiere on the subreddit dedicated to the TLC series. The still image was a long shot of Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth skiing during their honeymoon in Switzerland. The couple headed to the Theodul glacier to hit the slopes, and Joy-Anna didn't bother covering up her black ski pants with a skirt.

"Joy had normal ski clothes on and no skirt!!!" wrote the shocked redditor of her choice in attire.

Joy-Anna's ski pants shocked Duggar fans because she usually goes out of her way to wear skirts with her outfits, no matter what she is doing. In fact, earlier in the same Counting On episode, she wore a black skirt over black athletic pants to go hang gliding. She was so concerned about her skirt blowing up and exposing her still-covered backside that she used one hand to hold it down while she took in the birds-eye view of scenic Interlaken. She's so dedicated to adhering to her family's strict dress code that she even wore a dress when she and Austin Forsyth rode dirt bikes last August.

"Ooooh this is the first step towards pants wearing on the regular! Ski pants are like the gateway drug to being a liberal, modern woman."

Curiously, Jinger has not yet been shown wearing pants without a skirt or dress over them on Counting On, and Jill will never get a chance to show her skinny jeans off on TV. As reported by In Touch Weekly, she and Derick Dillard decided to quit the show before she introduced pants to her wardrobe.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Joy-Anna and her sisters stuck to wearing skirts and dresses for years because their conservative Christian parents don't think that pants are appropriate attire for women. However, once a female Duggar gets married, her husband is responsible for writing her fashion rules. This means that Joy-Anna likely asked Austin for permission to wear her ski pants.

Fans can only speculate about why Joy-Anna Duggar doesn't wear jeans like her sisters do. Is it because her husband doesn't allow it, or is it because she simply doesn't want to?