Oklahoma Father Arrested For Murder, Desecrating A Human Corpse After Amber Alert Was Issued

Joe RaedleGetty Images

In shocking news this morning, an Oklahoma father is now being accused of murder and desecrating a human body after an Amber Alert was issued yesterday for his missing son. KFOR shared the news about the arrest of 31-year-old Victor Manuel Minjarez.

This Amber Alert was issued yesterday for his son seven-month-old Jody Minjarez. At this time, there is no news about what happened to the child or if they even have found a body, but Victor was arrested on charges of murder and desecrating a human body.

Back on February 19, there was a report of domestic violence involving Victor and the babies’ mother. Victor was accused of attacking the woman in a violent manner and then leaving the scene taking their son. The mother was able to get a Victim Protective Order (VPO) back on February 23 and on it he was required to return the child to her, but this never happened. He did send a text to a friend saying she would never see her son again and it seems like he meant it. When he left the scene he was in a U-haul, but then later changed to another vehicle. It is unclear if anyone saw the child since the first time that Victor left with him almost a month ago.

Wednesday evening the Amber Alert was canceled and they said that Victor Manuel Minjarez was in custody. The authorities are not sharing any information on the young boy at this time. These charges could even be totally unrelated to the Amber Alert and there is nothing out there saying that they are for the child, but of course, everyone is assuming that is the case. Right now, they are saying that more details on this case will be issued later today and that is when what happened will become more clear.


Everyone around Oklahoma is shocked at this news. Social networks were flooded yesterday sharing the Amber Alert in hopes of finding seven-month-old Jody Minjarez alive. Now everyone is praying that this baby could actually be fine and that the arrest charges were unrelated, but that more than likely is not the case. At this time, he is in Oklahoma County Jail on these charges.

Update: Newson6 is sharing that they have located a body that is believed to be the child.