Melania Trump Is ‘No Fool’ As ‘Mounting Accusations Take Their Toll’ Suggests The Mirror

Olivier Douliery-Getty Images

Reports suggest that Melania Trump is facing more humiliation in the headlines after the lawyer for the porn star, who has accused Donald Trump of an affair, answered a question yesterday about Trump. While some people feel sorry for Melania Trump who has to weather these accusations about her husband, the Mirror reports sources from within the White House tell them that the First Lady “is no fool.”

They also report that the marriage of Donald and Melania Trump is in a crisis mode as Melania is “incandescent with anger” about the alleged affair with the former porn star Stormy Daniels. The 47-year-old First Lady is allegedly “contemplating leaving” her husband after 13 years of marriage reports the Mirror.

CNN reports that the First Lady “stays mum” as the latest Stormy Daniels story developed in the headlines. Melania’s press secretary didn’t respond to CNN’s request for a comment. Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters on Wednesday morning, “we’ve addressed our feelings on that situation and I don’t have anything else to add.”

The former porn star Stormy Daniels has started court proceedings against Donald Trump saying the non-disclosure agreement wasn’t signed by Trump leaving it “null and void.” Before the 2016 election, Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen paid $130,000 in what is being called “hush money” to Daniels. Cohen himself admitted to this.

When Daniels took that money from Cohen under the agreement she would not speak of her alleged affair. The 38-year-old porn star has stated in court papers that Trump’s attorney continues to “bully her to keep quiet” about the alleged affair with the timeline dating back to 2006. This was around the time that Melania had become a new mom with the birth of their son Barron.

What occurred yesterday that allegedly left Melania “incandescent with anger” was the former porn star’s lawyer’s answer to a question that was asked of him. According to the Mirror, “When asked whether his client had a sexual relationship with then-businessman Mr. Trump, her attorney Michael ­Avenatti responded ‘yes.'”

This also comes on the heels of Trump actually poking fun at the circumstances making a joke about the headlines at the recent Gridiron Dinner. According to the Daily Beast, “Trump joked that Melania might leave him.” This was apparently his way of enticing laughs at the dinner. Many people across the social media sites suggested Melania was humiliated by her husband’s joke.

The source who the Mirror spoke with said that “Melania is no fool. She is a highly intelligent woman who makes up her own mind. The mounting accusations are taking their toll.”

Stormy Daniels filed that lawsuit under her real name, Stephanie Clifford. She did so in an L.A. court. Stormy’s lawyer, Attorney Avenatti said: “To be clear, the attempts to intimidate Ms. Clifford into silence and ‘shut her up’ in order to ‘protect Mr. Trump’ continue unabated.” He also made the allegation that “there’s no question the President knew about this at the time.”

The White House spoke to these allegations calling them “old, recycled reports, which were strongly denied prior to the election.”

In the last day or so, people have been posting messages online asking Melania Trump when enough is enough, as seen in the examples below.