‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Fri. March 9: Sam’s Next Step, Grateful Liz, Corinthos’ Decisions, Maxie’s Q

Sam has serious decisions to make now that her and Jason have admitted their love, while Maxie's baby may not only be in danger of a genetic disease, but a well-meaning aunt too.

GH General Hospital Spoilers for Friday March 9 Sam Kelly Monaco Decides Maxie Kirsten Storms Finds Out Truth
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Sam has serious decisions to make now that her and Jason have admitted their love, while Maxie's baby may not only be in danger of a genetic disease, but a well-meaning aunt too.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, March 9, reveal that the residents of Port Charles are still dealing with the devastation that the earthquake caused. Perhaps the natural disaster has cost Sam (Kelly Morgan) most of all, as now she has some pretty painful decisions to make. Of course, it all started when Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam were trapped together during the earthquake and confessed that they still loved each other, according to a recap at Daytime Confidential. However, the latest General Hospital spoilers, via TV Source Magazine, indicate that Sam will decide to “take the next step.”

Now, GH viewers know that Sam wasn’t completely honest with Drew (Billy Miller) when she told him about being stuck in the rubble with Jason. Although she told him that Jason helped her through the disaster, she never told him that they confessed their love for each other. Now, Sam has several decisions to make. She could tell Drew everything that went down and risk losing him, she could choose to make it easier for Jason to interact with his children, and she could also choose to be with Jason. Inquisitr General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 12-16 state that Sam will turn to Alexis and seek advice from her mother, Alexis, in an effort to help her sort through her conflicted feelings.

Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Peter (Wes Ramsey) seem to be bonding. In fact, Maxie even told him in the Thursday, March 8, episode about her fears that her unborn baby might have a genetic disease. Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) father had Huntington’s Disease, and therefore there is a risk that their child carries the same genes. However, Maxie is unaware that Peter is also concerned that he may also be a carrier since he found out a week ago that he too is Faison’s (Anders Hove) son. General Hospital spoilers promise that Maxie will take the plunge in an effort to discover the truth about her baby’s fate.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, March 9, tease that Nina will have hope. During a recent interview, Michelle Stafford, who plays Maxie’s sister-in-law Nina, had GH viewers in a state over a comment she made. Nina has longed for a child and has even kidnapped Avery in an effort to be a mother. Over the years, Nina has mellowed and has found contentment in being a stepmother to Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez). During the interview, Michelle slipped in a comment that had Naxie fans foaming at the mouth alluding that Nina may want to take Maxie’s baby from her. The latest General Hospital spoilers, via ABC Soaps In Depth, state that Michelle was only joking.

“She’s really being there for her sister-in-law. And I think they might be toying with Nina wanting to take Maxie’s baby.”

Other General Hospital spoilers for Friday predict that Liz (Elizabeth Webber) will show her gratitude towards Jason. Jason has made no secret of the fact that he still cannot stand Franco (Roger Howarth) but thanks to his help, Franco’s life was saved. GH fans will remember that Sam was pivotal in talking Jason into helping, so their vendetta is far from over. Back at the Corinthos’ household, Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) will finally reach a consensus pertaining to their family. Since they are currently dealing with Sonny’s father’s Alzheimer’s crisis, they may soon come to an agreement as to how to manage Mike’s (Max Gail) medical condition.