March 8, 2018
'Avengers: Infinity War' Spoilers: Spider-Man, Iron Man Might Have Major Battle With Thanos Outside Wakanda

There is much to look forward to in Avengers: Infinity War, which is set to be the biggest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, the third Avengers movie will feature almost all of the characters in the existing MCU in a major battle against Thanos. But is it possible that the Mad Titan will only face two superheroes this April? There are speculations that Thanos is only after Iron Man, who might be in possession of the sixth and final Infinity Stone.

Tony Stark is not the only one who could face the Mad Titan in Avengers: Infinity War. Tom Holland, who portrays the excellent Peter Parker, may have also hinted at possibly filming a fight scene that could feature Spider-Man and Thanos.

The possibility of Iron Man being the sole character who meets the Mad Titan has already been teased in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. Most of Tony Stark's scenes in the teaser suggest that he is talking to Thanos and Iron Man is even shown being attacked by Josh Brolin's character in what looks like a strange orange planet. Interestingly, Robert Downey Jr.'s beloved superhero may have some company as he faces the Mad Titan.

There is a brief scene in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer that shows Spider-Man looking like he is in outer space and the sequence even features the same orange hue that appears in Iron Man's scenes. This has led to speculations that Peter Parker will join Tony Stark in a major fight against Thanos in the strange planet. In addition to that, both characters do not appear in the sequences focused on the war in Wakanda.

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The chances of Spider-Man heading off to space to go up against Thanos may have also been suggested by Tom Holland. The Captain America: Civil War actor had previously admitted that he had filmed an action sequence where he was "punching the air for 15 minutes" and no idea who he was fighting. According to Holland, the Russo brothers have refused to tell him who was in the scene "that would give it away." Some believe the Avengers: Infinity War directors chose to keep it a secret from Holland, who has a tendency of sharing details on social media. Holland was possibly kept in the dark since the fight sequence would be with the Mad Titan.

So does this confirm that Iron Man and Spider-Man will be the only two characters who will actually fight Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War? Find out when the MCU flick hits theaters on April 27.